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Clara's POV

Waking up was hard. My head was pounding so hard, eyes burning, and an aching feeling in my chest.

"Clara careful don't move." I peaked my eyes open a tiny bit and looked at Aunt Pol. She was dapping a cloth on my head.

"What the hell happened ?" I sat up slowly looking at her.

"You passed out." Then I remembered she told me about Grace and Thomas. Wedding is moved up to today. Now explains the aching feeling in my chest.

With a sigh I carefully stood up leaning against the counter she looked at me worried. That's when I noticed banging coming from both doors that lead to the kitchen.

I raised a brow and looked at Aunt Pol.

"Didn't want any of the boys to walk in and freak out. Like they usually do with Ada and you. Especially Thomas."

"Aunt Pol let us in !!" With a sigh I walked over to the doors unlocked both. John Arthur and Thomas came in quickly looking at me then Aunt Pol.

"Sorry boys we were having a chat and didn't want interruptions by you lot." I simply said as I went back to the stove. Aunt Pol stayed close to help.

"I heard a thud and glass crashing." I looked at John.

"Dropped a cup is all. I'm clumsy sometimes." Lying is getting too easy now.


Breakfast was quiet. Too quiet for my liking. Thomas kept looking at me. John kept talking about this girl he met. Arthur he was deep in thought. And Aunt Pol left to meet up with Ada. So I was alone at breakfast with the three boys.

Right now I'm in the room looking through my case to find a dress for that wedding of one sided love.

"You should wear the purple one. It will compliment you." I didn't dare to look at him. Instead I grabbed the pale rose dress.


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"I have to get ready Thomas." I looked at him for a split second. "So please can you give me some privacy." He didn't even say anything but left.

I wanted to yell for him to come back. And tell him everything. But I couldn't. Protecting him is hard. Then again he will get hurt married as well. God this is hard.

With an aggravated groan and sitting on the bed gripping my hair thinking. What am I going to do !!


I decided to walk to the place they are getting married. Which is at there home. My heart pounding against my chest. To be honest I felt sick to my stomach. I know he will be there. Not Thomas my brother. Jona.

Will he try something? God I hope not. Looking down at my purse. I have my gun. If he tries anything shoot him. But he's my brother. Ugh. This is complicated.

When I made it to the home. People and cars outside the front. Smiling, laughing, making small talk. Ada was talking to some man. Aunt Pol talking to John and some girl. Arthur no where to be seen. Along with Thomas. But I saw Jona and Grace.

I hid behind a tree before they saw me. Taking deep breaths. Come on Clara face them. Show they don't faze you. The bruises and burns they left don't effect me. Be strong. With one last deep breath I came around the tree only to stop in my tracks to see Jona and him.

The guy who shot me. Talking, Boris Burge. I gripped my hand in fist at this. Just standing there like a fool I felt a hand on my shoulder I jumped and quickly took who ever touched me on the ground. When I saw those bright blue eyes staring up at me I went stiff.

"Shit Thomas. Don't come up behind me like that." I whispered shouted and he just had this smirk on his face. Rolling my eyes I helped him stand up. Dusting him off a bit.

"Why where you hiding behind a tree?"

"I wasn't I was standing beside it."

"Sure about that? I was watching you. Since you got here."

"Are you stalking me Thomas Shelby?"

"Maybe." He leaned against the tree staring at me.


"This compliments your eyes more than the others do. I like it." I blushed a bit and turned around only to see Jona and Boris staring at me. Giving them a glare I started walking. Thomas quickly behind.

"Aren't you supposed to be getting ready for your wedding?" I asked as we walked inside.

"I should..."

Giving him a look. "But..."

"Tell me not to do it."

Excuse me? What?

"What?" I asked shocked.

Thomas grabbed my hand and pulled me into what looked like his office. He was gripping my hand. With one swift movement he had closed the door and had my pressed against it.  Kissing me with what seemed to be everything in him.

I couldn't help but kiss him back. But realizing what's going on I had to push him back which must have shocked him.

"Thomas.." I looked him in the eyes.

"Don't Clara." He took a step to me. I didn't stop him letting him place his hands on my cheeks. Closing my eyes at this. "Clara please."

He sounded so in pain when he said this. He's not used to this. Saying please is he.

"I can't tell you what to do Thomas. You do what you want." I turned my head away from him as he dropped his hands to his side.

"Then lets go." I snapped my head to him.


"I said let's go. Now." And with that he left the room fast me close behind him.

I don't have a good feeling about this. But seeing this side of  Thomas. Maybe he does love me...

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