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Clara's POV

Running is what I'm good at. I've always been a fast runner. Especially when I was 14. Before it all happened.

~flashback to years ago when Clara was 14~

"Come on Daniel!! Are you going to let some girl beat you in running!!" I looked back at Daniel smiling only to be tackled down by him in the process.

Both of us laughing so hard. I didn't realize he was on top of me and I under him. Our laughter died down as we just stared at each other. That's when I noticed him starting to lean down. Closing my eyes waiting for what I know will be my first kiss.

Before I knew it Daniel is being thrown off my and I being grabbed up from the ground by the arm. Making me cry out in pain.

"Jona! Stop your hurting me!" Looking at Jona he looked so mad. Jaw clenched eyes so dark. Darker than fathers. When Daniel heard me say this he quickly looked at Jona.

"Jona let her go. Your hurting her." Daniel tried to grab me back only to make Jona even more pissed.

"Get out of here Daniel now. Your no longer welcomed here. Don't come around my sister again or I'll shoot you dead." I went stiff so did Daniel.

"Jona you can't be serious. I'm your best friend. I like your sister I didn't mean any harm."

"Go!" Jona's jaw was clenched even more veins popping out from his neck. Only to make Jona grip my arm more.

"G-go Daniel I'll be fine. I promise." Daniel looked at me and I gave him a sweet smile he nodded and slowly left.

Joan dragged me back into the house and to his room only to beat me, swear at me and worst of all the worst pain I've ever felt before.

~end of flashback~

He burned me so badly even the maids couldn't bare to look at it when they helped me clean up. Mama didn't do anything she was to weak and sickly to do anything. Father praised Jona. For teaching I couldn't whore around with his friends or any man. Unless Jona approves. I never saw Daniel after that day. Asking Jona was a fearful experience. Scared he would burn me again. Fearing Jona did something to Daniel. After awhile i stopped asking. And did as I was told from Jona. A year passed and that's when I found out Daniel was killed by Jona. Mama told me. Mama wanted me to get out of here but I never listened. I stayed cause of her. But Mama died that summer. She begged and begged for me to go but I couldn't leave. Especially when she died father and Jona wouldn't be happy and I would be the next one dead.

I should have listened to her. And I wouldn't be in this mess. Who knows how long I ran but now I'm hiding being a pile of bricks curled up like I was 14 again. Scared helpless. For awhile I silently cried. I have to get back to the place or Jona will kill Thomas.

Thomas. He looked so unfazed by me shooting at him. Does he truly hate me? Everyone looked shocked. They hate me. I cried and cried more.

Time passed and passed. Jona is surely pissed by now.

"CLARA!!!" I went stiff.

He's found me. Jona found me. I'm dead oh god. I stayed silent. The yelling got louder and louder. Getting closer to where I was.

"Clara!!" I furrowed my brows. That's not Jona.

"Clara!!" Peaking my head out. There stood the man I thought hated me. Looking all worried scared out of his mind.


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