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Clara's POV

It's been months since I last saw Thomas. My wounds have healed but the wound in my heart grows more and more each day. I miss him so much.
God I sound like a love sick fool. I need to move on. But how? He's tommy first love.

Closing the book I was reading and sitting up a bit in the chair I looked out the window sighing. Pushing my hair behind my ear. We weren't even exclusive. Never kissed once. Not even everything. So why do I feel abandon. This isn't my first time to be abandon but why does it hurt more with him.

"Clara I'm going to see aunt Polly do you want to come?!"Looking over at Ada with her son I shook my head. She gave a slight sighs and left without another word. She's worried. I can tell on her face.

Looking out the window resting my head against my hand. My mind wondering back to Thomas.

Ada's POV

After dropping Karl off at the nannies I walked into the company going straight to Thomas office. Polly saw me along with John and Arthur.

"I wouldn't go in there Ada !" I gave John a glare as I slammed the door open and stopped in my tracks.

There Thomas was with Grace. My eyes went big and next thing I knew everything went red.

"WHAT THE HELL?!?" I screamed Thomas snapped his head over to me along with Grace. Grace looked scared when she saw me. Thomas with a blank stare.

"What is this whore doing here!!?"  Aunt Pol Arthur and John came running in. Aunt Pol was shocked John looked like he knew Arthur just looked pissed.

"Ada leave. I won't tolerate how you speak to my fiancé like that."  I went stiff as a board.

"Excuse me your fiancé?!?" I looked at Aunt Pol.

"You must be fucking joking boy." Arthur took a step to him and Thomas put a hand up.

"I'm serious. Grace and I are getting married. And soon."

"Are you mad Thomas ?! She tried to kill you!!! Do you not remember that?!?"  Aunt Pol screamed

"Yes I do and Grace here has changed. And we've been talking and we feel like this is right." Grace had a smug look on her face and I glared at then looked at Thomas.

"You fucking idiot ! You break Clara's heart now your marrying someone who wants you dead!!"

"Clara wanted me dead too." I glared at Thomas.

"She has changed !!! She hasn't !! GRACE STILL WANTS YOU DEAD!!!" If looked could kill I would be six feet under.

Shaking my head. "I can't believe you Thomas." Looking at Aunt Pol she gave me a worried look. Looking back at Thomas. "I hope your happy. I came here to talk to you about how Clara really misses you and is depressed over everything that has happened to her. But now I can't even look at you anymore. Have a nice life Thomas." And with that I left. I heard Aunt Pol coming after me. John and arthur yelling at Thomas.

"Ada I'm coming with you. I don't know what has gotten into Thomas lately but he's not the same." Looking at Aunt Pol I nodded. Now we have to tell Clara.

Clara's POV

I sat in silence looking at my cup of tea Ada and Aunt Pol made for me.

"He's marrying Grace..." I looked at Aunt Pol with tears in my eyes. My heart shattered when they told me.

Ada places a hand in my shoulder comforting me a bit. I shook my head getting up going to my room. Married... I thought he loved me.

I have to go, I can't stay here. Though I can't go home to America. Maybe I'll find a place on the country.

For awhile nobody came to my bedroom. But around dinner a soft knock was heard I looked over to the door and gave a soft smile to Arthur as he walked in. He sat down on the bed next to me.

"You okay Clara?"  I shrugged leaning into him.  He's like a brother to me. He even said I'm like a sister he never had. Even though Ada smacked him after that all I'm good fun.

"He's making a mistake Clara. You are way better than Grace."

"We aren't different. I wanted him dead."

"Yet you don't want to anymore unlike her. Tommy won't listen to us maybe you." Shaking my head looking at Arthur.

"I can't even imagine looking into the eyes of a man who hurt me. Hell why am I hurt this bad when we weren't exclusive !"  Tears where welling up in my eyes to where Arthur pulled me into him which made me cry. Arthur rubbed my back softly.

"We'll figure this out. Okay Clara." Nodding a bit but laying into Arthur. We stayed like that for awhile.

"We should go out. All of us." I looked at Arthur a bit

"I'm not going to the Garrison." I instantly said he nodded thinking there's this new place it's very fancy. And we kinda know the owner why don't we go there. It's kinda a party night there anyways." I nodded standing up.

"I'll go tell Aunt Pol John and Ada." Arthur left leaving me alone. Again.

Go out have fun. Then maybe leave for good.


We arrived to this big mansion I forget the guys name Arthur told us. Me and Ada walked in arms linked. Everyone was laughing, drinking dancing and eating. It was beautiful in here. There was an opera singer, singing.

Me and Ada walked around a bit laughing and enjoying our time together. Our last night. Knowing Ill be leaving hurts cause they are like family now.

"I'll be right back Clara. I see an old friend of my mine." I nodded looking at her as she unhooked her arms walking towards a group of girls.

Sipping on my glass of wine walking a bit around. Grabbing the side of my dress walking out of the room out to the back garden area.

It was lit with candles giving a path through the garden. Maybe I can explore for a bit.

For awhile I just walked around sat near the little pond they have here. So peaceful.

"Well I didn't expect to see someone like you here. After all your supposed to be dead." Looking over my shoulder I stood up fast looking at the woman in front of me.


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