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Polly's POV

I sat next to Clara as she slept. Poor girl. She's been through so much in her life. Me reading her diary was wrong of me but Ada and I had to know why she was here and who she is.

"He knows Aunt Pol." I looked over to see Ada, John and Arthur standing at the door.

"Come in don't the that draft come in and get her sick. She's already weak as it is. And knows what?"

"We know she came here to kill Tommy aunt Pol." I looked at John as he closed the door.

Sighing I looked at Clara.

"You know I wouldn't want anyone to hurt Tommy after what happened before. But Clara something told me she wouldn't. She could have the first night but she didn't and the nights after she could have."

"So you trust her?" I nodded towards Arthur.

"She has nobody. Yes she has a brother but from her writing he sounds like a monster."

"Like all of us."

"Not like us. A monster who would hurt there own family sibling." I gently pushed her hair to the side to show the mark on her neck.

"Her own brother did this to her when he caught her with a boy at the age of 14. There's more to what he's done to her. But that will be up to her to us all of it."

"And you boys better not bombard her with the questions when she wakes up. She needs all the rest she can get." Ada explained

John and Arthur nodded as they stood there.

"Where is Thomas boys?" I asked after awhile of silence.

"We don't know. He left after reading that letter she was writing to her brother. Explaining how she couldn't do it. That she loves Thomas." Sighing I got up and walked to the door. "Keep an eye out and an eye on her. We don't want anything like this to happen again. I'll be right back." I said leaving.

I know where he is.


As I pulled up to the lake seeing as his car was there I saw Thomas sitting on the ground. Looking out at the lake. Getting out of the car and towards him sitting down next to him. Getting out a cigarette handing him one as well. He took it lighting it along with mine as well.

"She wants to kill me Aunt Pol."

I looked at him as he blew out some smoke. "She did but she changed cause she loves you."

He gave out a slight laugh. "Yeah love. Seems right for me doesn't." He shook his head. "No. Love is never in my cards Polly."

"Thomas Shelby I see how you look at her. You love her so much are you willing to just through it away just cause of her wanting to kill you? Hell I want to kill you too! But I won't cause your my family and she is our family now."

"She's not my family. Not anymore. She's just like Grace." I gave him a look and shook my head.

"You better come to the hospital before she wakes up. I am letting her live with me or either Ada." He did t say a single word to me as I got up and left. These Shelby men are so hard headed.


Clara's POV

I started to slowly wake up with a small groan of pain. Opening my eyes slowly I winced at the light blaring down on me.

"Shhh it's okay." Turning my head to the side to see Ada smiling at me.

"T-Thomas?" My throat was dry. I'm so thirsty.

She gave a slight frown as I said. "He's not here. But John Arthur and aunt Polly are here. Along with me." She forced a smile.

Thomas? Why isn't he here? Is he out of town or something?

I gave a slight nod looking towards the doors hoping he would walk through.

But he never did. Not the next. Or the day after. The whole time I spent in the hospital he never came. I was worried but Polly Ada John and Arthur assured me everything is okay. But it's not okay.

I thought he loved me. Or he did. They know why he isn't showing up here to see me. They need to tell me. By now I'm in the car with Ada heading to hers.

"Ada.." I asked softly

She looked at me a bit then at the road. With a slight hm.

"I know you know why Thomas never came to see me." The slight grip on the wheel gave it away. She sighed.

"Before you get mad at me Clara know I think of you as my baby sister and I umm well I read your diary." My eyes went wide. She what?!?

"What...." I was in shock. My heart racing. Pounding so hard like t would rip out of my chest.

"We know you wanted to kill Tommy but you had a change of heart. And we know you love him with all your heart in such the short time you've been here. But Thomas he saw the letter you where writing to your brother.  Now he thinks you don't love him this is some game and you will kill him with a blink of an eye." I looked at her in shock then forward at the road.

"I don't want to kill him.. he's not what I've been told neither about the Peaky Blinders. Told you were ruthless and killers. Yet you have reasons to do it and Thomas he's caring when he wants too. But family comes first to him. And I love that about him." Ada gave a slight nod as we pulled up to hers.

"Where is he?"

"I don't know Clara. But please don't worry about that right now. He'll come around eventually okay. Right now you need to rest." I looked down at my hands.

He hates me... and Ada can't tell me any different. Thomas Shelby hates me. And I will never get him back.

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