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Clara's POV

Who knew being a Peaky Blinder would have perks. Free stuff. Ada helped me pic a gorgeous simple dress. It was so beautiful. Never had such fine silk against my skin.

"You look so beautiful Clara

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"You look so beautiful Clara. It fits you so well." Ada was doing my hair. I nodded. I saw her pull my hair back and see my burn mark. She went stiff at this.

"Ada.." I asked looking at her through the mirror.

"What happened to you." I closed my eyes. I covered it with my hand looking down in shame.

"It's.. it's nothing." I didn't want to talk about. Never will. This is something I regret happening to me.


"Please Ada. Can... can we put my hair back down." She gave me a simple nod as she carefully put my hair back down.

"Well you look gorgeous. Thomas will love this." I gave her a look.

"What is Thomas like?" Ada gave a slight laugh and sat down next to me on the bench.

"Well he may seem like an ass and all but he does care. I mean after Grace he just went to his old ways."

"Grace?" I asked. Who's Grace?

"Oh yeah you don't know. Well Grace she's um and ex of Thomas. A year or two ago she betrayed Thomas big time. She almost got Thomas killed. Pretended to love Thomas. Only to break his heart."

So it was true he had a love.

"So he had a heart then." I asked

"Yes. But ever since then he couldn't trust anyone let along family. He is a good person under all that face he gives us." I felt bad for Thomas. Nobody deserves that to get hurt. Well I mean I'm doing it but I won't fall for him. This is my job. Kill Thomas Shelby.

"Wow. This Grace sounded like a bitch who didn't deserve Thomas."

"Yeah the worst of it all she pretended to be pregnant as well. It broke Thomas so much. He does want kids. Well I think he does still but I don't know. You should see him with my son."

"You have a son?" She seems so young. I mean I'm young but she's young.

She gave me a smile and nodded. "Yes I do. He's my pride and joy. His name is Karl. You can come to mine and meet him. Hes the sweetest little boy just like his father was."


"Yeah he sadly passed away a few months ago." My heart broke.

"Oh Ada I'm sorry. I didn't mean.."

"No no it's okay. He's in a better place. I'm just glad Thomas and him ended on good terms." I nodded

"Girls Thomas and the rest of the boys are here. You two ready?" Ada and I molded we both got up and hooked arms leaving her room.

I'm actually starting to rethink that the Peaky Blinders arent these horrible people, my brother says they are. Especially Thomas.


Well arriving to this gala thing. Thomas has kept a hand on my side all night and hasn't let me leave his side at all. This is quiet weird for me. If anyone else did this I would smack there hand away instantly. But it felt so right with Thomas.

No Clara no. Don't think this way. You have to kill him. But do I really?

Sipping on my wine as Thomas was talking to a man I think his name is Alfie Solomons. He's quiet a creep. Staring me down from head to toe. Making slide comments when Thomas isn't paying attention. All I did was get closer to Thomas. I Amy be able to hold my ground on my own but this guy scared me. It's weird honestly. But being near Thomas helped.

Ugh. Why is this so hard !!!!!!

Thomas leaned down to my ear and spoke softly to me. "Clara I'll be right back okay. I need to talk to someone." I gave a slight nod to him as he removed his hand from me side and watching him walk away.

Personally Thomas isn't the man my brother told me. He's so sweet to me. It's weird. I mean he could be playing me and knows why I'm here. But it feels real.

"You know Thomas has an eye for women alright. After his last one. Grace I believe. Didn't think the man was able to move on." Alfie pulled my into him as he said this. He wreaked of alcohol. I scrunched my nose at this. His hands where on the lower part of my back. I didn't like this at all.

"Mr. Solomons please get your hands off me."

"Alfie please. And why? You being close so no other man can have you. I mean Thomas wouldn't let you go and you didn't say anything to him on how he held you close to his side."

"Well Mr. Solomon's. Thomas is my date for the night and I appreciate it if you didn't touch me like you are. I don't think Thomas would appreciate you doing this to his date."

"Oh I don't think he'll mind. Come." He grabbed my hand in a tight grip and pulled me away from the party. My heart racing. I don't have my gun. I'm screwed. I dropped my drink hearing it shatter on the floor. Nobody paid attention to it. I could t scream. It felt like my tongue was glued to the roof of my mouth.

Seeing Ada and Aunt Pol laughing and talking. They didn't see me. Oh god.

He took me to another room and pinned my to the door. I started breathing heavily at this as I looked at him. Gently taking a piece of my hair into his hands softly touching it. His hand went from my hair to my chest a bit.

My chest was going up and down very fast. I felt like my heart would pop out in any moment. Thomas doesn't know where I am nor do I know where he is.

I need to stop him. Think Clara think. What did your brother teach you. Then as if in a blink of an eye I instantly kneed him and punched him in the throat pushing him to the ground. Running out of the room fast.

Turning the corner I ran into someone. With a gasp we both went to the ground.

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