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Tommy's POV

I sat in the Garrison thinking.

"Arthur I swear Clara vanished ! Aunt Pol and I can't find her. I don't think she would go home." I looked at Ada.

"Clara is missing?" Everyone looked at me and went back to talking I raised a brow. "I said.."

"We heard you Thomas." Arthur looked at me and shook his head. "Not like you care. You didn't bust her when she was in the hospital and got with someone who wanted to kill you then wanted us dead if we got in her way." I sighed and got up.

"Well Clara is family to you all. Where was the last you saw her?"

"The party... a couple of days ago."

"Maybe she went home." I simply said

"She wouldn't go home without her things. Maybe something happened to her." I kept my feelings down. I don't care. I don't..

Ada shook her head at me. "Arthur John you'll come by mine and we will look for her?" They both nodded I rolled my eyes as I light a cigarette. Ada glares at me as she left.

"Tommy how can you say that to Ada. Let alone in front of us?"

"You boys have gone soft all cause of what a girl?" John shook his head leaving Arthur sat there staring at me.

"What?" I snapped

"You weren't there when she woke up... i stayed on watch to make sure the same fucker didn't come back and kill her. But I think who killed her more was you." I groaned rubbed my face.

"Arthur I'm not changing my mind at all. I have a family to worry about."

"Are you sure about that." Arthur got up leaving slamming the door behind him.

I sat in thought for awhile. Where could she be. No don't. Clara is gone. You have Grace.

Clara's POV

I was weak from the beating I got. Silent I was. Didn't dare make a peep. Feelings all gone. From what I got Jona and Grace are dating. Two sick fucks. Leaning my head to the side trying to stay awake. Numb. Tired. Everything gone.

"She can do it. Just a little warning to Thomas." I looked over at Jona talking to Grace.

"You think she'll do it?" Right here fuckers. Ask me. Jona Shrugged and walked over to me grabbing me by the hair.

"I want you to do something for me." I looked at him blankly. Which he continued to speak. "I'm going to give you a gun. I will let you go only if you come back. And you shoot Thomas." My body went stiff. Shoot Thomas. No I can't.

I quickly shook my head fast making him now grip my neck. Closing my eyes opening them again staring right back me was dark eyes. No remorse for hurting his sister.

"You will do this understand. Or I'll make it worse for you and make sure Thomas dies by me. All you'll do is shoot him in the arm or shoulder. Nothing deadly okay. Just a warning okay." I nodded slowly. He let me go with a smirk and left Grace stood there looking at me looking smug as ever. Then she left. Leaving me alone in this room.

I don't know how many days it's been since the party. My mind wondered to that day I was taken. Do they miss me? Looking for me? What about Thomas does he know?

For awhile in and out of sleep my brother came back with clothes in hand with a bucket. That's when he untied me. I was too scared well more weak to fight him as he undressed me bare and washed me down. Hissing in pain as he ran his rough hands over my ribs. I think they are broken. Burned from my legs up. Infected probably. I'm also bruised basically all over.

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