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Clara's POV

When Thomas woke up he immediately took me to the hospital instead of taking me to Aunt Pol or Ada. So here we are me getting wrapped up around my chest/abdomen with some type of herbs over the burns. Thomas stayed in the room but had his back to me while I was being worked on.

The nurses who where helping me kept looking over at him giggling and whispering. They honestly think I'm deaf? Haha. Taking about how cute he is and everything.

"Ow hey careful with that pin." The nurse immediately said sorry and a Mrs.Shelby.

"Oh i.."

"Sorry about my wife she's a little sensitive. But please be careful with her." I looked at Thomas raising a brow. Really Thomas ? Really. The nurses nodded and finished and quickly left.

As I stood up buttoning my shirt looking at Thomas. "Why did you said I'm your wife when I'm not?"

"They wouldn't have worked on you if I didn't. We Peaky Blinders don't have access to a lot especially in this place. I need to have that changed."

"Could have fucked one of the nurses it would have been easy. They wouldn't stop talking about you while they where working on me." I put my hair up as Thomas and turned to look at me and lit a cigarette.

"Jealous?" I rolled my eyes.

"I may love you Thomas but I don't do jealous." I walked passed him.

"Sure you don't Clara Rose. Not like your nose flares when I mention Grace."

"Thomas I know what your doing and it won't work." Before I knew it Thomas has me pinned gently against the door. My back pressed into his front, my breathing caught in my throat.

"And what exactly am I doing?" I closed my eyes as he whispered this into my ear.

"Do I have to remind you Thomas that your getting married?" He sighed and pulled back and walked off. I followed behind him.


We didn't talk on the walk or on a drive to god knows where. We stopped in front of a lake and sat in silence yet again.

"I came here after reading your letter." I looked at him as he got out of the car.

I just watched him as he looked up at the sky, slowly getting it of the car I stood next to him.

"And what did you do?"  He peaked his eye open and looked down at me

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"And what did you do?" He peaked his eye open and looked down at me.

"To think."


"Full of questions aren't you?" I shrugged and looked around.

"I don't bring anyone here you know."

"I didn't know." I leaned down and picked up a small rock and tossed it making it skip in the water.

"Yeah. I was thinking about how could I Thomas Shelby find love. When everyone wants me dead." I looked at him he was staring at me. "But something in me kept thinking Clara doesn't want you dead. Even Aunt Pol trusted you with me. She doesn't do that if she knows my life is at risk. You could have easily killed me anytime. But then again I don't think your a good shooter." He smirked and I raised a brow.

"I'm a good shooter Thomas Shelby." I placed my hands on my hips giving him a look he only smirked more.

"Prove it."

"Give me a gun and I'll shoot something right now." He pulled his gun out and held it to me. Just as I was about to grab it he grabbed my wrist pulling me into him pinning my arm behind my back but being gentle, my chest pressed into his. I stared up at him breathing heavily.

He just stared down at me. "First thing to know about a Peaky Blinder we don't offer our guns off to anyone." I gave a slight glare.

"Thought you wanted to me to prove I'm a good shooter?"

"Yeah when you are feeling better and not wincing every time you move a tiny muscle."

"I can easily handle anything Thomas Shelby."

"Sure you can Clara Rose."

"I can."

"Fine then let me put it into a test then. If you can handle it." I raised a brow. Before I could ask what he meant. His free hand came up and placed it on my neck gently, leaning down placing his lips on mine. At first I was shocked, but soon I started to kiss back.

This was my first kiss with Thomas Shelby.


After what happened at the lake. We just sat on the ground in silence. But the good type of silence. Me between his leg resting against him. His arm gently around my resting his hand on my shoulder. It was just amazing to feel relaxed with him.

But my mind kept wondering. Grace. No stop Clara. Just stop. She doesn't care about him. But he does. Thomas must have sensed something is wrong as he started rubbing my back gently. I couldn't keep this in.

"Thomas you're with Grace. And what just happened..."

"Clara don't. I don't regret it."

"But with if I do? If she finds out I'm dead."

"I won't let it happen. And you shouldn't regret it. I was the one to kiss you first."

I looked down. "I don't regret it. It was amazing. I've never been kissed like that ever."

"Not even with your exes? I mean you did say they where amazing too" I looked at him in shock.

"Thomas Shelby did you read my diary?" He smirked as he looked at me. I slapped his chest playfully.

"That's an invasion of women's privacy how would you feel if I read your diary."

"I don't keep one. And I have nothing to hide from you. Remember I can be myself with you." I smiled looking at him.

"I'm glad to hear you can be with yourself me Thomas."

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