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Clare's POV

We stayed there for 2 days. Just enjoying each other company. I could tell he wanted to do more than talk but I don't. Not yet at least. Thomas is driving back home me beside him. Me being me couldn't help but just stare at him. Everything about him was perfect.

"You know your staring at me is kinda distracting."

"Huh? No I wasn't staring." I quickly looked away blushing which earned a laugh from him.

His laugh was beautiful. Seeing this side of him is what I truly love. Then again I love everything about him.

"I wonder how everyone is back home."
I said after awhile

"Probably work. Who knows." I gave him a weird look but shrugged as I closed my eyes for a bit.


When we made it back to Birmingham central area of it. It was so quiet. Nobody was outside. Something didn't feel right.

"Thomas..." I looked at him. He had this look.

"Get inside and go to my room." He handed me his gun and I looked at him.

"Don't worry I have my own just go."

"I'm not leaving you out here alone Thomas." I got out of the car and pulled the hammer back, just in case.

I heard him grumble at this but got out of the car as well.

"Why don't you ever listen to me? I want to keep you safe."

"I want you safe and someone has to have your back. Deal with it Thomas." I started walking Thomas close behind.

For awhile nothing. There was nothing. Nobody.

"Thomas where's your family?"

"I don't know. We better check the house." I nodded as I followed him only for someone to grab me by the arm.

"Th.." before I could finish my mouth was covered and arms pinned behind my back.

"Don't scream or He's dead along with his family. You are going to go quietly with me understand." I glared in front font of me.

My fucking brother. Jona.

"Drop your gun and walk backwards alright. Or you'll be dead." I looked over at Thomas who was still walking not noticing I wasn't with him. Keep him safe. Do as he says.

So I drop the gun and walk backwards being held tightly. Clenching my jaw from wanting to kill my own brother. But knowing his threat of killing them is real. I won't risk it.

For awhile we walked till we go to this old abandoned house. It looked horrible. Like a fire had happened to it. Jona took me to the side of the house where a cellar was.

"Open it." I glared at Jona as he let me go as I opened the cellar doors open. Before I could ask him anything he pushed me down.

Whacking my head on the stairs as I was pushed down. I groaned as I landing on the wooden floor grabbing the side of my head.

"OI LET US OUT OF HERE WELL FUCKING KILL YOU!!!" someone moved and stood next to me shouting as Jona slammed the door shut locking it.

Arthur?? I looked up at him.

"Arthur ?" Arthur snapped his head towards me his eyes widen when he saw me.

"Clare?!" I snapped my head over to the other side of the cellar to see Ada, John, Aunt Pol, and Finn.

Arthur helped me up I looked at him and the others.

"What the hell is going on?!" I yelled looking at them. Ada came towards me and hugged me tightly I hugged her back.

"After you and Thomas ran off Grace, Jona, and Mr. Burge took us by gun point. And we've been here ever since. Arthur is loosing his mind down here."

"So would you Ada of not knowing what's happening out there!" I stared at Arthur as he argued with Ada.

"Everyone is gone. Or in there homes for good due to this. Thomas and I came back and nobody was around."

"Wait where's Thomas?"

I gave Poll a slight look. "Last I saw him he was walking into your home. And here I am." I looked around the cellar.

"Don't bother trying to find a way out we've already tried." I looked at John and almost gasped at the sight. I went towards John who was sitting down on a crate.

"What the hell happened to you?!"

"Your fucking Brother is what happened. He tried to take Ada and Arthur and I tried to stop it but as you can see it didn't work out well." I frowned and looked at Ada.

I didn't notice how she looked till now. He's done what he's done to me.

"Ada..." I stood up. She looked ready to cry but held it back.

"My son is out there ! I don't know where he is!! Or alive !!" I frowned. Doing as she did to me I hugged her.

"We'll finds him and kill my brother for what he's done to you." She hugged me back tightly.

Looking around the room everyone was staring at me.

"We need to find a way out of here now. Before they kill us or Thomas."


We came up with a plan. Jona can't go a night without hurting or fucking someone. So who ever he chooses between Ada, Poll and I. We do as necessary to get close to him and grab his gun. And shoot him.
Arthur,John, and Finn weren't happy with this at all.

So we sat and waited for hours. And nothing.

It was getting late and everyone was getting tired. Ada and I sat close to each other Aunt Pol had Finn and well Arthur and John. Didn't dare to sleep.

Just as I was starting to fall asleep the doors slammed open and someone came down. Expecting Jona to come into view but no. No it was Jona.

"You two." I stared at Boris Burge. A chill going down my spine. Gripping Ada's arm. She gripping mine.

"Now you two whores !!" Arthur wanted to snap back but poll held him back John glared.

Ada and I stood up slowly acting like little kids. Part of the plan. Holding on to each other. Shaking.

We can do this. I gave Ada a slight look, her doing the same. We knew we had to go with the plan. Jona or not.


So sorry for the long awaited update. Some personal things have happen in my life. So please bare with me. I don't know when the next update will be. But know it will be in Thomas point of view !!!!

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