“Nothing’s wrong, didn’t I tell you that earlier?” I snapped cruelly. I almost cringed in regret when I saw the flash of surprise cross his features, but forced myself to stay composed.

                “Oh, well I’m sorry for asking then,” he huffed. He was clearly a bit irritated now, and I felt a twinge as I simply turned away to look back out the window.

                I had a feeling that the look of hurt glued to his face was going to haunt me for quite some time.


                I sighed as I plopped down into an uncomfortable plastic blue chair, my earbuds clenched tightly in my fist as I dropped my lunch onto the table.

                I didn’t need my music to block out the voices – the tremendous amount of noise the students made as they chattered in the cafeteria was enough to keep the voices away. The noise level could compare with a full blown party, except without the pounding music.

                Pulling out a sandwich from my brown lunch bag, I peered inside to see what else my mom had packed for me this morning. I saw a juice box and a banana. Typical.

                I let out another sigh as I chewed on my sandwich, lost in my thoughts. Thoughts that mainly concerned what I was going to say to my therapist this afternoon, then on the work I would have to do to catch up with my lessons.   

                All my teachers new about my condition and sympathy is basically what caused them to allow me to listen to music without giving me any trouble. So long as my quarter grade wasn’t lower than a C, my teachers let it slide.

                “Hey.” The chair across from my let out a screech as someone pulled it back, before they sat down.

                I looked at them in confusion, before realizing it was Kody. Again. I thought I had scared him off with my mean act this morning. As much as it hurt to do that, it needed to be done.

                I didn’t even say anything as he continued to smile at me with that goofy grin of his, grey eyes continuing to shine. Just looking at him reminding me of that hurt look he had gotten earlier, and this time I couldn’t stop the slight wince.

                “Did I do something wrong?”

                I looked back up at him, my façade melting due to that caring look that was once again on his face. It was as if this boy was too nice for his own good.

                I let out a sigh. Maybe my wall will be taller tomorrow. I’ll build it up tonight, and tomorrow he won’t be able to break me down.

                “No, you didn’t do anything wrong. It’s just that time of month,” I lied, smiling. As soon as my lips were curved upwards, I felt as if a weight was lifted. I had never been a particularly mean or rude person, I just became incredibly wary of everything when I discovered I was a schizophrenic.

                His whole face brightened considerably, and he gave me a big grin. I even noted he had a little dimple in his left cheek. It was adorable. “Oh okay, I thought I had upset you this morning or something,” he admitted sheepishly, rubbing a hand across the back of his neck.

                I shook my head. “No, I was just—“

                “Kody bear! It’s been too long bae!” I looked up just in time to see a guy saunter over and give Dakota a big kiss on the cheek with a loud ‘mwah’. Then he shamelessly pulled out a chair and sat down, staring at me intently with a smile on his face. “Hi honey, I’m Ollie,” he introduced himself, sticking out his hand. I tentatively shook it, unsure what to make of the last few seconds.

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