The Truth

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                                                                                  Summit POV

After finding out so much information in one day, I went for a run. That's what I'm good at. Running away from my problems. This is when I make my mind up on what I'm going to do. I need a fresh start. 

Taking off into Canada I find a hotel to stay in for the night, using the credit card that the Alpha gave to me for emergencies. Getting settled in and taking a shower I realize I have no clothes, ordering a few online along with a new phone. I get a phone call from Taylor and ignore it, I just can't deal with her yelling at me right now. 

I decide to take a nap before I make anymore decisions, dreaming of Ace and what he will do once he realizes that I'm no longer in Minnesota. 

Beep. Beep. Beep.

"Stupid phone alarm" I cuss under my breath and start to make a plan. It isn't safe for me to stay here for much longer if I want to stay hidden from my pack. Calling the hotel lobby, they bring up my clothes and new phone I ordered along with some food. Stuffing my face, I quickly change into some comfy clothes, change my phones and smashing the old one. 

Running out of the hotel I decide to hit up a local store and steal some hair dye and makeup. After changing my appearance I no longer look like the old me, the one I had gotten used to seeing everyday in the mirror. With black hair and fake contacts that make my eyes blue, I cut off a few inches of hair, now just shoulder length. I fix my makeup and grab some cash out of the ATM, I head to the local bus stop, leaving Ontario and heading to Quebec. 

After way too many hours on a public bus I get off and look for a new place to live and for a job. I apply at the local coffee shop and get ads for apartments in the area. I find a hotel nearby and decide to crash there until I figure out the rest. 

                                                                                     Ace POV

"Where the hell is she!?!?!" I scream at my dad. 

"Son calm down. We are doing the best we can and we have the other nearby packs searching for her too" my dad says calmly.

I huff and take off, changing into my wolf, Spade, heading to her house. I change back and walk into her house, everything smells like her. I go to her bed and fall asleep in her blankets, after drinking the rest of the vodka in the cabinet. 

Waking up without her next to me is the worst pain I've ever felt, my wolf is whining for his mate. I get it. I want her back, in my arms and out of any danger. I keep trying to call her phone but it goes straight to voicemail. Why would she leave me? What did I do to deserve this? I was a manwhore but I was ready to change for her. Where did she go? She had to have gone far away because I lost her scent.

Grabbing a map I work out an area that she would have been able to reach in this short amount of time and devise a plan. I'm going to get her back no matter what. 

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