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Waking up in Zach's arms was a nice surprise. He looked so cute with his eyebrows scrunched together, as if he was thinking hard. Kissing his forehead I untangle myself his death grip. Seeing that everyone else was sprawled out across my living room floor I quick go to the bathroom. 

Heading back downstairs I see them all sitting in the kitchen as Megan makes breakfast, since she's the only one that can cook without burning the house down. Smiling at everyone I grab an apple to eat while I wait and sit by Zach.

"Hey babe" He says casually and wraps an arm around my waist, nuzzling me. 

"Hi!" I smile brightly which makes everyone in the room laugh.

"What?" I say looking around at their faces, which all look happy.

"You hate mornings, but for some reason Zach makes you not hate them anymore" Elizabeth states.

I shrug and munch on my apple as Zach leans over and takes a huge bite from the other side of it. 

"THAT WAS MY FOOD! NO ONE TAKES MY FOOD AND LIVES!" I yell as he gulp down my delicious apple. He just smirks at my reaction. 

"Oops" He says and I hit him upside the head, finishing the rest of my apple quickly. Megan starts putting out plates full of food in front of each of us. Being wolves and all I could eat everything in my fridge and still be starving. All of us eat quickly and head back into the living room to clean up last nights mess.

"Hey I got to get home. See you guys on Monday!" Adam says and heads towards the door with Elizabeth at toll.

"Me too. Cousins are coming over today." Haven says, following them out the door.

"I just want to go home and shower." Megan shrugs and pulls Xavier out the door. Smiling at them it was just Taylor, Zach and I left. They just shrugged and plopped down on the couch and put on Tangled. Sitting down in between them, with Zach's arm wrapped around my waist, I snuggle in enjoying the company.

After the movie Taylor tells us her mom wants her home to watch her little brother. Then there was two.

Zach didn't make anything awkward at all, which was surprising. We goofed off, watched movies and ate a ton of food. Now it was around 6pm and he has to go home for dinner, but would see me on Monday. 

Smiling sadly knowing that I was now alone for at least another day, I flip through the channels on the TV until I see that a marathon of AHS is on. Squealing in pure delight I wrap myself up in a blanket burrito. After being half way through the season the doorbell rings. Standing up with my blanket wrapped around me I head towards the door. Thinking its one of my idiotic friends forgetting something this late in time, I open it to see Ace standing there.

"Hey." He says casually while scratching the back of his neck.

"Hi." I smile weakly and step aside so he can come in, since its getting cold out.

"I was wondering if you wanted to do something, but I see you're busy." He says nervously and I just laugh.

"Nah just a marathon of American Horror Story." I say proudly and he wrinkles his nose in disgust. 

"Ew. Too much blood in my opinion." I just gape at what he just said. Too much blood? There wasn't enough blood in my opinion! Wasn't he the next Alpha? He's gonna see lots of blood.

I keep these thoughts to myself and shrug, heading back to the couch and become a burrito again. He just laughs at me and sits down in the empty spot to my left. Sitting next to him was comforting, part of the mate bond, but I kinda liked it. He would just every so often at things, but I was enjoying myself.

Now on episode 11 I start to tear up, knowing what's going to happen. Ace automatically hugs me and asks me what's wrong. I just hake my head when it comes to the part that always tears me up.

"GO AWAY TATE!" Violet yells from the screen and I burst into tears. Ace quickly shuts off the TV after Tate disappears. 

"Shh it's okay" He whispers and rubs my back in circles.

"Why does she make him go away? He loves her." I say as I sniffle.

Ace just gives me a pointed look "You did the same thing to me." Looking down shamefully he whispers "But I'm gonna make you take me back eventually."

"I have a boyfriend." I say bluntly as I hear a soft growl escape his lips.

"Who is he? I'm going to rip him to shreds." He stands up and stalks towards the door.

"You'll see on Monday." I shrug and open the door for him and practically push him out.

"But-" I cut him off by slamming the door in his face and locking it.

Heading upstairs I strip and take a half hour shower, enjoying the relaxation. I have had people in my house all day, it's nice to finally have time for myself. Shutting off the shower I grab a pair of pajama shorts and a tank top. Sighing, I know that I'm going to have a hard time sleeping tonight.

I have nightmares of my mothers murder every night, I was there that day. She had told me to stay inside since there had been rogues spotted by the border.

"But I wanna play outside" I whine. For a three year old I can be pretty persistent. She looks down at me and I give her my best puppy dog face. Knowing that I won't give up she nods.

"Don't go to far away from the house though. Okay?" I nod vigorously. 

"Okay mommy" I give her a big hug and head outside to play. It's late June, so it's very nice out. I know mommy told me to not go far, but being the curious child I am, I end up deep in the forest. I try to get back home, but realize I am lost. Turning around I hear a loud growl. 

I jump and see that it's a huge black wolf with red eyes, full of blood lust. I start to panic and run as fast as my little legs would carry. The wolf jumps towards me, waiting for the impact, I am paralyzed. Opening my eyes I see mommy's wolf growling at the rogue and snapping his neck. I smile big and head towards her, until I realize that three more wolves have showed up and are ready to attack. 

She mind links me go home and get daddy. 

Doing as she said I run back towards the general direction of my house. Running inside I grab my dads hand and pull him outside and point towards the woods.

"Mommy is being hurt" As soon as the words leave my lips my dad falls to his knees in agony.

"Daddy! Get up daddy! You have to go save mommy!" He just cries out in pain even more.

Heading inside my dad goes to his office and locks his door. A few moments later I hear a loud bang.

At the time I didn't know that both my parents had died, I was told they were on a long trip together and wouldn't be back for awhile. Until I was 7 I lived with a sweet old lady named Nancy, who offered to take me in. When I was 7 she suddenly died of old age, since she was around 98 when she passed. 

Everyone in my life that took care of me had died so far, so the Alpha told me that I had to be strong and live by myself. At the age of 7 I was scared, I wanted someone to comfort me, not push me away and live alone. Now at the age of 17 I know not to question him.

Tossing and turning a few more times I finally am able to fall asleep with Ace on my mind.

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