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I'm sorry for not updating in so long guys! I started college and completely forgot about my writing. I'm going to try and update every week!!! Love Tait

Ace POV:

Seeing as she can only go so far I decide to travel to Canada our northern border. This might not be the smartest move but it's the only one I can think of right now. My wolf is howling for his mate.

"Dad I'm moving my search to Canada" I say as I'm packing my bags.

"Fine but you need to call me once you find her or need help."

Grabbing my bags I get in my new car and speed off towards Ontario.

"If I was her I'd go north and change my look then move on from there." I mutter to myself as I blast my music.

After a few hours I make it to Ontario and pick up her scent. Fresh. Smiling to myself I follow her.

I'm coming for you baby. Whether you like it or not.

Summit POV

It's been less than a day and I can feel the connection Ace and I breaking. I've never felt this kind of pain before.

Grabbing my jacket I head out to drop off some applications at the local coffee shops and antique shop. Walking in I smell a delicious smell.


No. He can't be here already. It's only been a day! I frantically look around and don't see Ace anywhere.

Sighing in relief a very yummy looking guy walks up to me.

"Are you here to drop off an application?" Strange but yummy asks.

"Uhhh yes?" I smile shyly. What is wrong with me? I'm never shy. He must be affecting me.

He takes the application out of my hand and smirks.

"Summit huh? Like a mountain peak?" He laughs and my whole body feels a pull towards him. Just fucking great.

"Yeah like the fucking mountain peak. Got a problem asshole? What's your name anyways?" I ask with my confidence back.

"River. Nice to meet you." He sticks out his hand and I blow it off.

"Very original. Like the water kind?" I say with a snarky tone.

"Yeah like the river. I'm your new boss by the way. You're hired. It's going to be a pleasure working with you." He smirks and kisses my cheek.

Oh hell no. What have I gotten myself into.

Mate. My wolf keeps screaming.

He can't be my mate. We only get one in our life and I rejected mine.

Love, Tait

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