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   The stupid alarm wakes me up as I throw it across the room, turning it to small pieces. I groan as I sit up and check my phone 

"Shit! I'm gonna be late!" 

I run to the bathroom to take a quick shower. Pulling off my clothes and stepping into my large shower I quickly wash my hair and body with my vanilla soap. After getting out, practically tripping, I dry off and dry my brown hair at the same time. I throw on a pair of black jeans and white shirt and slip on my black combat boots. As I quickly brush my teeth and put on my basic makeup I shrug on my leather jacket and grab my backpack. Running out the door and getting on my motorcycle. Yes, I am a girl. I just happen to be kinda tough. 

   As I peel out my driveway and race to school, breaking a few laws of course. As I pull into the parking lot and park I run to my locker and shove my stuff in. As I see my best friend Taylor practically pushing people down to get to me I smile. 

"Hey Tay!" I yell and she jumps into my arms. 

"Babe I've missed you so much!" She screams in my ear. 

No, we are not a couple, just act like one, but hey I love her. 

I laugh at her childishness "You saw me like last week." 

She pouts "So you didn't miss me?" 

I smile and side hug her "Of course I did! You're practically my sister." 

She squeals and tackles me to the ground "Yay! You finally admitted it." 

I just nod and stand up and seeing Ace Collins sucking face with Brittany Stevens. I make a disgusted face and grab Taylor's hand and start pulling her towards our class.

   In our first period we catch up over what we did since we saw each other last. School had just started today and we were both juniors at Ridgefield High. If anyone jumped into our conversation right now they would think we were crazy.

 "And then I grabbed a water gun and shot the squirrel!" She exclaims. 

Let me explain, she shot a squirrel with a water gun cause it was stealing all the other squirrels nuts and she was bored. Yeah I know, we're weird. I smile at the blonde haired girl that I call my best friend. 

We are so different but hey opposites attract right? 

She is around 5'9 with straight blonde hair and big blue eyes. Compared to my 5'1 height and brown hair that is thick and heavy, with emerald green eyes. She was the girly girl and I just liked my bike and black. She wears skirts and dresses everyday and I wear my leather jacket and jeans. 

   When we were five Taylor and I went to the same school. We were at recess and some punk went over to her and made fun of her shirt and pushed her down. So being the nice girl I am I walked right up to that jerk and broke his nose. As I helped her up off the ground and put my hand out to shake 

"My name's Summit. What's yours?"

 She sniffles and shakes my hand "I'm Taylor." 

She smiles brightly showing off her missing front teeth 

"We're going to be best friends forever!" She yelled loudly and hugged me. 

She pulls away when she see I'm not hugging her back "Promise me you'll be my best friend Summit" she whispers and looks like she'll cry any moment.

 I stick out my right pinky "I promise" I say and she gladly loops her pinky with mine. 

   Smiling about how I met Taylor I hug her and she gladly hugs me back. 

"What was that for?" She laughs, but knows I don't hug much so lets me go a few seconds later. 

"I was just thinking of how we met" I shrug. 

She smiles sadly and nods "That was a good and bad day for me." I nod back and go back to taking notes. 

  The first few classes of the day went by in a flash with Taylor by my side all day, since we had matching schedules. As we entered the cafeteria we head to the line and pick up the gross school food. Walking towards our table that we have been at since our freshman year we see our group of friends. we're not popular, but we're not unpopular either. 

"Sum! Tay!" yells our other best friend Megan. 

"Meg! Get your skinny ass over here!" Taylor yells back at her and they hug, pulling me in too. I laugh at them and pull away and take a seat between Zach and Xavier. They both smile at me and I smile back. Let me tell you who's in our group. Besides Taylor and I, there is six others. 

Megan who is about 5'6 with long red hair and hazel eyes. She is just as crazy as Taylor, but is a little more wild.

Zach who is about 6'5 with brown hair that's kinda shaggy and blue eyes. He acts like a player but in reality he's a sweetheart.

Xavier is around 6'1 with blonde buzzcut and brown eyes. He seems tough, but he is just a big teddy bear.

Haven who is 5'3 with black hair and brown eyes. She is the quiet one of the group, but also the peacekeeper.

Adam who is 5'10 with blonde hair and green eyes. He is like the big brother you go to when you need help.

Elizabeth who is 5'8 with brown hair and blue eyes. She is a loud party girl, but you can go to her with any secret and she'll keep it.

   My group of friends looks like a bunch of different people thrown at one table, but we love each other besides our differences. 

Zach throws his arm around my shoulder and smirks "Miss me doll?"

I smirk back and shrug off his arm "When wolves fly." He laughs at my comment.

  Did I forget to mention that we werewolves? Well except some of the humans that got put into our school. I kinda feel bad for them, they don't know about that some of their best friends aren't like them. Each of us has a mate which is short for soul mate. Some of my friends have mates but we can't find them till our 17th birthday. I turn 17 tomorrow, which means I'll find my mate, but I don't want one. 

   After lunch school went by in a blur. When I got home I finish my homework as quick as I could. Seriously who gives kids homework on the first day? I groan as plop on my couch and turn on the T.V. and put on American Horror Story. No matter how many times I watch it, it never gets old. After watching the entire first season I decide to make something to eat and then head to bed. You're probably wondering where my parents are, well they're dead. My mom was killed by rogues and my dad couldn't take the loss of his mate so he killed himself, I was three. 

   Tossing and turning all night about finding my mate tomorrow I finally am able to fall asleep.


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