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Going home isn't the best thing in the world. I live alone in a large 3-story suburban neighborhood. It's a nice neighborhood I guess, but I don't like to be there for too long. Since My parents are dead and I have no living relatives I was forced to live alone, but under the watch of my Alpha. He checks up on me a couple times a year and gives me money to get by. 

Since Ace is to become Alpha in a few months I have no idea what I'll do for money since his dad is my only source of income. Grabbing my laptop I search decent jobs and find one at a shelter a few miles away. I've always loved animals so I click it and fill out the application.

After sending the application in I sit back and have nothing to do anymore. I did my homework in study hall so now I'm getting lonely. Grabbing my cell I call up Tay to bring the crew over since it's a Friday and I have nothing else to do. 

"Hello?" She answers, probably not looking at the caller ID, like always.

"Tay get everyone over here. We're having a private party. Us and our crew got it?" I hear her texting everyone while talking to me.

"Yup! I just texted the other six, we're all on our way" I smile at this.

"Bring swimming suits and food. Love you!" She laughs.

"Love you too bitch!" We hang up and I pull out stuff for snacks and go upstairs to change into my bikini.

Pulling out my black bikini, I slip it on quickly and head downstairs when the doorbell rings. 

"Coming!" I yell and open the door expecting it to be one of my friends, but it turns out to be Ace. 

He looks down at my toned body and I see his eyes turn black with lust. I snap my fingers in his face. 

"Eyes up here buddy" That pulls him out of his haze and looks up at me shyly.

"I came to apologize again, but I see you're busy" He turns around and I smirk.

"Yeah I'm throwing a pool party for me and some friends" He turns around quickly.

"No guys can see you like this except me" He yells loudly making me wolf whimper, but I stand tall.

"A few guys are coming over who cares?" I slam the door right in his face and go back to my large kitchen

I don't take shit from anyone anymore and I especially will not be scared of him. Grabbing some chips and pops out of my cabinets I admire my kitchen. It's got all new appliances, all stainless steel, with granite counter tops and a small bar area. I don't drink unless I'm trying to forget something. I could use a drink right now that I think about it.

Walking towards my small bar I grab my vodka and pour myself a few shots, each burning my throat until I feel numb. When I hear the doorbell ring again I skip over to the door and find all my friends standing there with food, drinks, and movies. I smile and hug each of them as the walk in.

Setting the stuff down we all head to my backyard to my huge 10 foot deep pool. 

"Cannon ball!" I hear Zach yell as I see a huge wave of water lap over the sides of the pool. 

We all laugh and each of us jump in after him. As I jump in Zach catches me, which makes us each go under water. When we surface we're both laughing and he hugs me.

"I wish you were my mate" He whispers to himself, hoping I don't hear, but with werewolf hearing I do.

"Me too" I whisper mainly to myself, but he perks up. He smiles brightly and kisses my cheek.

After swimming for awhile we head into the bathrooms to shower and change into warm clothes. For Minnesota in September, it's starting to get cold. Sitting around the TV on my two large couches we all seem to be able to squeeze in. 

With Elizabeth, Adam, Haven, and Taylor on one couch and Me, Zach, Megan and Xavier on the other. Elizabeth and Adam are mates and Megan and Xavier are mates also. Seeing them with their mates make me think of Ace and how life would be if we were together. Shaking that thought out of my head we turn on The Duff and all curl up with snacks. Zach puts his arm around my shoulder and I snuggle up next to him as he holds our bowl of popcorn. 

Half way through the movie everyone is asleep, but me and Zach. I poke his cheek to make sure of course. He wrinkles his nose up and looks over at me "What?"

I just kiss his cheek in response and lay my head back down and drift off into sleep, but not before hearing him say something.

"I've always loved you Summit."

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