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Let's just say I hate mornings with a burning passion. After slamming my hand on my brand new alarm clock I get up and jump in the shower. 

After a long shower I grab a pair ripped skinny jeans, a sweatshirt that says "fuck off", and a pair of black converse. Doing my quick makeup and straightening my long brown hair I grab an apple and head out the door.

Jumping onto my motorcycle and rushing to school, since I'm always late. Practically running into school, I run right into a wall. Wait walls don't have six packs and lots of muscles. I quickly look up and breathe in the most amazing smell I have ever smelt.

My wolf Everest yells 'MATE!'

That's is when I notice that it's the biggest player in the world. Ace.

Making a disgusted face I pull away from him. 

"NO!" I yell at the man standing in front of me. He smirks and reaches out to touch me but I swat his hand away. 

"You will accept me. We are mates." That's the moment I decided my own fate. 

"I Summit Dillon Parker, reject you, Ace Matthew Collins." Then I heard him scream and my world went black. 


Waking up in an unfamiliar place is not pleasant, especially, if you have no idea how you even got there. Looking around it looks like the nurses office. 

A white curtain is pulled around the twin sized bed that I am laying on. The bed had plastic on it and there are posters on the walls about flu shots. Confirming suspicion a lady in a white lab coat walks in.

"Hi Summit. I'm nurse Patty. A fellow students found you laying on the ground unconscious. Do you know why you had fainted?" She asks sweetly. She looks like she's about 30 with a nice smile and her brown hair in a neat bun.

I nod in reply. Knowing she is human I don't tell her that it was from the mate bond. 

"I didn't eat breakfast I guess" she nods and hands me a granola bar.

Munching on the bar she replies "You don't have a legal guardian on record so after you eat you may either go to class or go home. It's your choice." Damn I like the sound of going home right about now.

"What period is it?" She looks at the clock and compares it the schedule by the door.

"It's the middle of third period" I nod and grab my bag that somehow got here with me.

"I'm gonna head to class can you write me a pass?" She quickly write me a pass and hands it to me, while smiling. 

Walking in late to class is the worst thing ever. 30 pairs of eyes look up at me as I was walk in late. 

"Miss Parker care to explain why your late?" Mr. Smith practically yells.

"Nah I'm good" I smirk and hand him my nurse pass. Taking my seat in the corner next to Taylor.

"Where have you been!?!?!" She whisper yells at me.

"I rejected Ace and then I fainted I guess" I shrug and she gives me a look that says 'you're explaining later.'

At lunch I sit with my group a friends with my burger and fries in front of me. They all give me weird looks as I look around and see no sign of Ace. 

'He's probably hooking up with a slut right now' my wolf says. 

I nod in agreement 'No surprise there. That's why we had to reject him'  I say through our mind link.

Taylor suddenly bombards me with questions "You rejected Ace? Is he your mate? Why did you reject him? Can't you die without him? You can't die!"

"Tay calm down. Yes I rejected him, yes he's was my mate, I rejected him because he is a manwhore, and I don't know if I can die." I say trying to calm her down by hugging her.

She seems to have calmed down and just nods. I sigh in relief and see that everyone else at our table is looking at me with sympathy. 

After school I'm walking towards my motorcycle when suddenly I see Ace standing next to it, admiring it. He looks up as he senses me near him, but then looks down in shame.

"I'm sorry" he blurts out as soon as I get close enough. I give him a questing look as he continues "I want a mate but I just couldn't wait that long for them to come along. So I started hooking up with girls to kill the time."

I just laugh in his face "That's your excuse? You pretty much couldn't keep it in your pants? I'm glad I rejected you, unlike you, I never wanted a mate. Now move away from my baby."

He looks like he is about to cry but moves away from my motorcycle anyways. I jump onto it and back out of my parking space. I wink at him and speed off towards my big lonely home.

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xoxo Tait

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