Chapter 4: Kit

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I watch as the car drives away. My heart still beating irrationally fast. As soon as it is out of sight I make my way back inside. The house is completely silent. Leaving me alone with my thoughts.

It couldn't have been him. Why now? But that name, and this town... it had to be. Why did he look so-

Ring. Ring. Ring.

Pha's name shows up on my screen. I have been waiting for him all morning, and he chooses to call me now!

Kit: "Hey! Where the hell are you? You wouldn't believe the morning I had. "

Pha: "Ai'Kit I went back early, sorry. Some... problems at home came up."

Kit: "What problems?"

Pha: "Umm... nothing really, mae just wants me to help her with something."

Load of shit! He seriously can't lie to save his life.

Kit: "Ahhh, so another date ha?"

Pha: "Nooo, I swear I had to go back home. I can come back down on Tuesday to bring you back-"

Kit: "Ayyee Pha are you freaking serious! You dragged me into that faculty with you! The project is due WEDNESDAY, can't you blow off the date for once. Come on!"

Pha: "'Come on?' you said you were starting to like the lessons."

Kit: "Ai'Pha not all of us are as smart as you, you know. We had an agreement, I go to the same faculty as you. You help me with my studies. I swear to god Pha! If you blow me off for some girl... Again!"

Pha: "Woah. Woah. Woah. Chill for a moment. I promise it's not a date with a girl. If you need any help just call me ok?"

Not a date? I bet it still has something to do with a girl.

Kit: "Fine. You better be here Tuesday!"

I hang up before he can respond. Pha is my best friend, but sometimes he treats us like his servants on his beck and call. By 'us' I mean me and Beam. We have been all together since middle school. Well technically Beam and I were together for a lot longer.

I knew Beam since our third year of Primary School. It was very easy to get along with him, he was easy going and lazy. Much like myself. We were always the last ones to get picked in any sporting event and always the ones sitting on the bench during free period. So about a week into the new school year he came up to me during our free period.

"Hey kid! You aren't going to join in?" he was talking about the few boys who were playing with a hacky sack a few yards away. I give an unimpressed look in their direction, they were barely making it past their feet. He just grinned up at me.

"You want to make a bet at who is going to fall over first. I'm betting on Buzz cut." I look at the kid he was describing. He was very bad at it indeed. It was too early in the semester to remember any of their names. They were all desperately trying to keep the sack up in the air with their feet. "Nah it's defiantly the one with his shoes untied." Sure enough, not even a minute later the boy trips on his laces. "So you win. What would you like? I'm afraid I don't have much." I didn't know what to say. I didn't know what to ask for after such a small bet as that. "Well, since neither of us put anything up at the beginning lets just call it a practice run." I give a shrug like it's no big deal.

"Tsk. tsk. You should have asked for something. I will defiantly not let you off the hook. You have much to learn my friend." He said with an exasperated look, patting my shoulder. His character was interesting indeed. He would always come up asking me the random ass questions. Until it was natural for us to hang out together. We just wasted the days around. When we finally reached the seventh grade I had a whole new set of problems. Beam was already girl crazy enough as is and it only increased as puberty hit him. My life became a lot louder at each passing day.

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