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We walked back to the great halls of Valhalla and there sat Father like he usually does. I'm still new to what he did and I'm not even sure if he actually did that with his own free will or if Mother placed a spell on him,

"Looking.. new, my son." Before I could answer my eyes instantly landed on the warriors three. Sif is not here so that must mean she is alive, how wonderful.

I bobbed my head to the side to acknowledge Odin's comment before nodding over to the three men, "You died?"

Volstagg laughed loudly like he usually does, "Unfortunately yes, but that is no problem as the food here is really heavenly!"

I shook my head and flashed them a small smile from the corner of my lips, these were Thor's friends, not mine. They only pretended to be my friend for the sake of my idiot brother but they never really were mine to keep in the first place.

"Do not look so sour now, Loki." Fandral teased, looks like nothing changed "I must compliment your new style."

I raised one of my eyebrows because I did not know whether he was being serious or not before turning to Odin with a questioning look, "Why am I here?"

He did not answer instantly because he works that way. He stood up with gungnir in his grasp and looked down on me,

"Because you died." He replied as if that answered my question, "Tell me how you feel about that, son?"

His question didn't make any sense, at least not for him. What is a dead person supposed to feel? I'm pretty sure that statement is contradicting.

I shrugged "I feel.. dead."

Volstagg suddenly laughed as if I was a fool for giving that answer, "You know what the All-Father means Loki, you of all should know that."

"We know you're not dumb." Hogun added

What am I supposed to say then? I groaned before looking Odin in the eyes. If what he wants to know is how I feel right now then that is what I will say. 

"I feel.." I started "Weak, forlorn, and disappointed. I could have done better, thought better. If I left the Tesseract back in Asgard then no one would have died nor would Thor get hurt. I accept his loathing towards me for my foolish thinking."

It was the truth and that was ironic. I'm not supposed to tell the truth, now I feel embarrassed. I let a small amount of my guard down in front of them and that only made me weaker in their eyes. The people who turned against me and did everything they can just to see me suffer and vulnerable are finally seeing what they have long wanted. 

"Your brother could never loathe you, Loki." Mother calmly said as she laid a soft hand on my arm, "As of now he is currently lost without you, vindictive, devastated, mad and has believed he has nothing else to lose."

I sighed, "I am aware. He has been like that ever since he lost you and Father."

"No." Mother instantly countered, "Ever since you died he lost all of his hope. Your brother thought the world of you and now you are gone and so is that hope within him."

I was trying to understand what they were saying but was sadly too exhausted to process any of it, perhaps now I know why the Midgardians find our way of speaking quite odd.

"Your brother needs you Loki." Father said as sternly as he could, "That is what your mother is trying to say. You need to help him kill Thanos and save the universe, without you beside your brother the Nine Realms will fall starting with Midgard."

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