Jacob went back to his friends and I went back to mine.

Scar: That was..

Megan: Amazing!

me: Thank you

Scar: You know what this means?

me: What?

Scar: Your a star

me: What do you mean?

Scar: You were born to be on stage!

me: Thank you

Megan: And soon people are gonna talk about you

Scar: And thats either a good thing 

Megan: Or a bad thing

me: Well it seems like Brooklyn didn't really appreciate me singing.

Scar: Don't worry bout her

Megan: She hates on everybody

me: Yeah but when I was done singing she was giving me really bad looks

Scar: She's jelous

Megan: And its funny when she gets jelous

me: how?

Scar: becuase she tries a hard as she can to look better than you and she ends up looking retarded. *looks around and goes into a huddle* come here *everyone goes into a huddle* Look Chanel you have the oppertunity here to contol the school with me and Megan. But you have to keep on taking every opertunity you can to show people how amazing you are. Its the secret to surving at a performing arts high school. Why do you think people clear the halls for us?

Megan: And if you do it right, you can be on top.

Scar: Meaning when you walk everyone moves for you like what happened today.

Megan: Everyone is nice to you

Scar: And you get lots of attention 

Megan: Its really fun

Scar: You up for it?

me: I...I guess

Scar: Ok good

Megan: Awesome

???: *clears throat* Oh Miss Aguilera

We release from the huddle

me: Brooklyn *looks Brooklyn up and down and people gather*

Brooklyn: Glad you know my name. You'll be seeing it on a marquee one day.

Megan: Telling by how big of a standing ovation Chanel got she'll be on the charts before you even get a gig at a sports bar. And yes it will be on a marquee...more like a chalk board reading "Thursday nights: Ammatuer Night featuring Brooklyn!" *scar and Chanel laugh and more people come*

Brooklyn: And who are yu? Miss ir-relevant?

Megan: Megan Carol Palacios. Spelled M-e-g-a-n space C-a-r-o-l space P-a-l-a-c-i-o-s. Born January 23rd-

Brooklyn: I didnt come over here to get your life story

me: Then get on with it. I dont time for you

Brooklyn: Why did you go on stage after me?

me: Because Ms.Burns said if anyone wanted to show thier stuff then they could.

Brooklyn: Ok I know your new to this School so let me break it down for you. Nobody goes on stage after me. Comprenday-

me: Oh hell no! *stands up* 

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