Over the Summer I completely changed myself. Dont worry it was for the better. It finally hit me that if I continued my ways, high school life would be a living hell. So I dicided it was time for an extreme makeover: Chanel Edition! I first started by shopping at places like H&M, Abercrombie, Forever 21, Love Culture, and occasionally Hollister. My dad has the money so I spent around $250 in new clothes each month. I asked for a debit card from my parents and they gave me and Jacob one, so I sometimes used that. 

My style is a mix of girly girl chic and swag,boyish. For example when im in a girly girl mood I wear maxi dresses. high low sheer shirts and skirts, and jean vests. My Swag boyish style is snapbacks, skinnys, and jordans. Ive started to wear makeup too. Mascara, blush, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and lip gloss. Mirrors have become close friends with me and I spend nearly 1 1/2 hours getting ready everyday. Its becoming a sad problem. 

I was sitting in my room putting on eyeliner at my vanity , music playing, door wide open when-

Jacob: Turn that down! *walks in my room* Wha-wha-what are you doing with makeup! *grabs my eyeliner*

me: Jacob! What are you doing?

Jacob: No the question is, what are you doing? 

me: putting on makeup *grabs eyeliner* 

Jacob: you dont need makeup your beautiful Chanel. 

me: Its just fun to put on.

Jacob: Whatever aye yu going to the boardwalk with us?

me: who?

Jacob: Ray, Roc, and Prod.

me: Oh yeah sure.

Jacob: Come on there down stairs

me: kay let me get my phone. 

I get my phone and go downstairs and see the guys. 

Ray: Hey Chanel 

Prod: Hi

Roc: Hello 

me: Hi guys *hug each one* 

Ray: You look so different Chanel

Prod: And smell....good.

me: I smelled good before!

Roc: He means you look beautiful

me: *nice smile* Thanks

Akward silence

Jacob: So lets go

We all get into the Range Rover Jacob in the passenger seat, me, Roc, Prod, Ray sqeezed in the back.

me: So whats PAAHS like?

Roc: Its filled with lots of competitive people so theres definitly a competion everyday.

me: what about the campus?

Roc: The dance side has a locker room and 5 studios based on each style of style and class your in. Voice has a recording studio and a room filled with chairs. And theres a theatre for 1,000 people for the drama sector. I dont know about the other sectors. 

me: Thats amazing. Gosh I love how it provides so much help in what you love to do. 

Roc: Yep, I love it there. I dont know what id do without that school.

me: what about the academics?

Prod: Its great too!

Jacob: Yeah 

Ray: Its the best school in Atlanta.

me: Thats why I'm so excited to go there. 

Then I notice Roc looking at me.

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