I had glasses, a ponytail, and braces. I wore polo shirts, knit vests, pleaded skirts, and converse. No makeup, no lip gloss. Straight A student that was never absent, nor tardy. When I came to school, everybody acted like I was invisible. Not even there. I would go straight to the library to read or make sure my homework was 100% accuarte and efficient. When the bell rung to go to class, I was always the 1st one in sitting quietly. Everytime there was a question my hand would shoot up in the air and you could hear "ughhh's" or "of course she knows the answer" murmurring behind me. I learned not to care about the rude remarks and just kept going. My teachers always called on me because they knew I always knew the answer. When lunch came, I went to my locker to get my lunch and  went straight to the back of the cafeteria where banana peals, nasty diet bar wrappers, and coke cans lived. Once I was done eating, I read more books. Occasionally, jock boys would walk pass me as I read and laugh at me. But I just ignored them. When school finally ended, our butler Chase, picked me and Jacob up and take us home. I got out my homework and completed it fast enough so I could watch Pretty Little Liars before it got too late. And that was a typical day in 8th grade for me.

Hi I'm Chanel Perez. Im 14 years old in the 8th grade. My life is quite boring as some may say, but my mind is undercover. I've always been fascinated by public school social classes ever since the 6th grade. The thought always boggled my mind. Why are the popular people popular, and the "losers" are "losers"? There has to be a theory to that. Back to myself, my birthday is on April 29, 1998. I'm french, peurto Rican, and black. I have a half brother named Jacob Perez but Prince or Princeton becuase he knows how to charm the ladies. He's 15. My real mom and dad were happily married until my mom died of a brain tumor when I was 7. When I was 9 my dad fell in love for Jacobs mom, Layla. They got married a year later and been together since. My dad is a excecutive producer for compound records. I never see him. He's always flying back and forth from L.A and New York. But its whatever.

At school I'm quiet and a "loser", but at home and the weekends Jacob claims that I'm outgoing and look happy. I sometimes agree. I talk more when I'm home and seem to smile alot more. I think thats because at school I feel like everybody is so intimidating that I dont even try to make friends. Its a dog, dog world out there. 

Though I dont have alot of friends at school, I love Jacob. I couldnt ever ask for a better brother. He's always there for me and we always see eye to eye. We do nearly everything together; watch t.v, eat, shop, swim, even sing & dance. He goes to PAAHS; Performing Arts of Atlanta High School. That school specializes in voice (singing), dance, drama, computer technology, Art, writing& poetry, and sports (football, basketball, cheer, soccer, and baseball only). You have to audition for the school the spring your in the 8th grade year. They only except 100 students from each category; only 30 students for the sports sector. Thats only 750 students at one high school. Small.  Thats also is my future high school and I'm going to focus in voice & dance. Its my passion. But of course nobody knows about it except Jacob, Layla, my dad, and Jacobs friends.

Jacobs friends are my friends too. Thier names are Ray Ray, Roc, and Prodigy. Thats obviously thier nicknames that they made or earned. They also go to PAAHS all in dance too. Thats how they met. 

I'm not  a tomboy but i love to hang out with guys. What I mean is, I dont try to act like a guy or be one, but i hang out with guys. Its alot better than girls. I figured that out in elementary school. Plus if yu find the right group of guys, they can really help yu out and b there for yu when you need.

This is my story about my high school life. From being a loser, to a buzzing topic, to a high class bitch, to most hated girl in school, and finally find myself to be a normal person. 


What do yu think? Comment it up! #StayMindless 1-4-3 -Ash<3

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