The Moon And Wisdom Reach Destruction And Time

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Percy P.O.V

After I met and greeted the seven, other friends came and greeted me. Katie told me that the demeter cabin welcomes you, the Stoll brothers said that I could be involved in their pranks, Will hugged me and said that if i ever neded anything, he would help me.

I rushed into the Artemis cabin to be cornered by all the hunters.

"why didn't you kill that pathetic excuse for a male'' Phoebe asked.

Thalia joined in the conversation and zapped me with lightning.

You did not give us any entertainment, I mean the Achilles, plus hercules plus Odysseus combined hero fell in 43 seconds" Julia a younger hunter said, showing a stopwatch.

I just laughed while the rest of them did too.

"So what should we do for capture the flag" Thalia asked.

Phoebe, who is our best archer can shoot out all the campers who are coming for the flag. I will guard the flag while Thalia and Julia, lilly, Noami and can go for the flag.

Sound good, but who will do border petrol.

"Just shut up and go to sleep, we will decide tomorrow" Noami said

I woke up in the morning to find all the hunters snoring loudly. I went outside the Artemis cabin to roam around randomely. When I sat on the edge of the creek looking at the river, Jason came out of the blue  and patted me on the back.

You dont know how stressed and sad everybody was when you dissapered, what happened to you man" Jason asked with concern

"Hehe, nothing" clearly hiding concern. Honestly, I am so bad at hiding things, I wanted too slap myself.

"Ok, just tell me" Jason asked in a more demanding tone

Well you see, Annabeth dumped me for Zane, then they brought me into the woods, and tortured me. Then Nico came and shadow travelled me to Olympus where Zeus made us both olympians. He also made me the guardian of the hunt" I said in one breath.

"Oh, well Annabeth and Zane said that you died, almost all the old campers were crying, the mood dampened. When the romans heard of it, they sent their condolences to us. Zane acted like he was the leader and treated everybody as second class. He bragged about being the best hero ever despite doing nothing. He was called the hero of Olympus but all the older campers stayed loyal to you, much to the displeasure of Zane.
When you defeated him, everyone teased him. He never came out of his cabin afterwards. I think that you helped bring him back to earth" Jason said with a chuckle.

We laughed and talked anout all the adventures and jokes related to Zane. When we were in the middle of how we defeated Gaea, Piper joined us with Leo. Leo continued to tell his cheesy jokes and puns, while Piper told us about camp and things. I told them about all the godly things and about all the gods and their weird habits. I told Leo and Piper about what Annabeth and Zane did. Leo said he will burn all his belongings, piper said he will charmspeak him too fall on his sword. Jason said he will zap his ego until he realizes how dumb he is.

I walked into the Artemis cabin to find everybody still sleeping. Probably saving their energy for later. Then I went inside my bed and started thinking about things. I was bored so I left outside and tried my powers. Since my domain is earth, I cannot be harmed here and dad improved my powers on water so I can summon water hurricane and I can add fire and summon the dead. I can use my time powers to make it go faster then a normal tornado and i can summon earthquakes with my earth domain. I can control all nature elements, and can reverse time.

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