The News

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The Underworld feast just finished. I was quite nice. Artemis and I were still a little uneasy with each other.

We both decided too go to my mom's apartment. I had not seen her since the end of the titan war. Zeus allowed me to bring her to our marriage. It was only fair.

I teleported her and I to our Mom. I lightly knocked on the door. It felt like eternity meeting her. I had not seen her since I fell into a eight month sleep.

I lightly knocked on the door. I tried to look as serious and sophisticated as possible but inside me, I was jumping for joy.

She opened the door to be bewildered at who is standing in front of her house.

"Hi, how may I help you" she said in a curious tone.

"Mom" i muttered in a low voice.

"Percy, honey is that you" she said in an excited tone.

"Yes, mom"

"PERCY, I missed you so much were have you been for the last 9 months" she said enveloping me in a hug that could compete against Tyson's.

Long story, Ill explain to you.

Come in, and who is this she that you have brought here.

Ill explain that too.

While I told mom about myself, starting from Annabeth to the arranged marriage, her mood kept changing. Starting from Angry, to proud to Angry to excited.

Of Course I will come to your marriage!

Great, Artemis and I will see you in a bit, farewell, and I teleported away with my wife to free some titananess.

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