The Betrayal

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Percy P.O.V

One word could describe me right now, Happy! You may ask why, and I will tell you why.

Well we defeated Gaea and all her spawns and successfully won the second Giant war. Today I had a really special date planned for my wise girl, my Annabeth.

I went to the Athena cabin and lightly knocked on her door. Malcolm (a son of Athena) came out and told me that she was not in her cabin.

Odd, I thought , she was always in there creating architectures for Olympus.

I went to the beach, to find Zane, a son of Apollo kissing probably a daughter of aphrodite.

Boy was I proven wrong there.

I walked up closer to see someone who I least imagined, Annabeth

I eavesdropped on what they were saying

"Annabeth, when will you dump that stupid son of Poseidon

"Don't worry my love, we were supposed to go on a date today but instead I will tell him there that I love you more.

Then Zane leaned in to her and kissed her flat on the lips. I half expected annabeth to push him away and slap him but to my misery she also kissed him too. I was shocked, crestfallen, disheartened.

Then a twig snapped, SNAP.

Annabeth and Zane looked to find were the sound came from and saw me staring at them. Than Annabeth spoke up.

"Percy, you may be wondering why I am kissing Zane but the truth is that he is way better than you" she said coldly

I ran to my cabin tears in my eyes. Why were the fates this cruel to me, why Annabeth, why do this to me.

I cried myself to sleep. For the past 3 days, I never left my cabin, I never went out to eat, I used the fountain my father provided me to drink but nothing else.

My stomach churned and begged but I resisted the urge. My friend left food for me outside my door but not once did I open my cabin door. I became really skinny and weak, probably as skinny as Nico, or even more.

Once when I was in a deep sleep, my cabin door broke open and when I woke up to find myself tied on to a tree with two figures looking at me.

"Annabeth" I managed to mutter.

Oh Percy I still regret to this day why I loved such a pathetic demigod like you. Coming to think of it, Zane is way better than you. SHE releases the rope and I fell on the ground.

I looked around and than a bunch of demigods appear from the bushes, restrain me as I watch Annabeth and Zane take out a dagger and A sword. Annabeth, don't do this I bellowed. They both approach me and start to cut and make deep gashes in my back and front and one big gash from on my eyebrows until my cheek. I kept screaming in pain as everybody else laughed. They then took out an electric spear and electrocuted me with it.

After they both were satisfied with scarring my body, all of them left.

I was desperate for help, but nobody seemed to care.

I knew I was close to dying when a skeletal figure appeared from the shadows. I prayed to the fates that I would not get tortured again. I would be lying If I told you I was not scared.

I probably was holding my breath to see what happens but when I saw the a person that I least expected to be there...


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