A New Purpose

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Percy P.O.V

I woke up and went with all the hunters to eat breakfast, but I was not hungry

Uh, you guys eat, I am Not hungry.

"Percy, you have not eaten in two days. Your body is literally a bunch of bones, you are way to underweight." Phoebe stated.

She grabbed me by the ear and plopped me on the  table. I reluctantly eat one pizza slice and tried to walk away.

Than thalia and phoebe combined scolded me and I reluctantly eats some fruit loops.

"Good, now demeter will be happy" Artemis laughed at my misery.

Then Artemis called me to the beach.

Are you ready to duel that stupid son of my brother.

I guess, but please don't reveal who I am.

Ok. I think you will beat him since you are the god of swordsmanship and always a natural, Does you technique include roman, and greek fighting style.

Yeah, I learned greek and roman fighting styles and I have been learning close combat form the hunters. They also made me more athletic and I have been practising gymnastics with my domain and such.

Okay well good luck, and show him how the two time saviour of olympus deals. She lightly kissed me in the lips and left. She looks so beautifu- PERCY WHAT ARE YOU THINKING SHE IS A MAIDEN GODESS. I snapped out of those thoughts and went to go ask for a weapon. Ares blessed me so I can wield any weapon like an expert and Athena blessed me so I can come up with plans quickly and finds errors in my opponent when fighting very quickly.

I just waited and walked around. I found a long katana that i found quite light yet sharp. It was made of tempered steal, so It could harm mortals and demigods. After the conch horn blew, all the campers gathered around the arena. The romans were also invited and all the gods flashed in.

I just had my katana and no armour. I highly doubt he will be able to go through my defences. Not to be arrogant, but I am the slayer of Kronos so I do have skills with my sword.

Then all the olympians flashed in to watch this battle. Nico and Athena were holding hands which c one thing, they confessed their feelings.  Nico waved to me. Poseidon signalled me too crush him, all the hunters mouthed "revenge".

Then Chiron came in  and announced the rules.

"No killing, but maiming is allowed. The game stops if a competitor concedes defeat.

Artemis P.O.V

Percy got into his stance, a perfect stance compared to Zane's horrible stance.

When Atlanta (a hunter) started the countdown.






Zane recklessly charged at Percy. Percy easily sidestepped and hit him in the ribs. He winced but continued fighting.

Percy was flipping and easily parrying any attack Zane tried to do. By the time Zane was tired , Percy started attacking. Zane was trying his best, but Percy was one of the best swordsman of greek history. Percy was lightweight, so he could easily move around.

Percy started moving all around the arena confusing him. Then out of no wear, at lightning speed, he disarmed him and put the sword at his neck. He used the but of his sword to hit him at the back of his head, rendering him unconscious.

Chiron came over and signalled the end of the game. All the hunters cheered for Percy who looked like he did not break a sweat. All the campers stared dumbfounded at Percy.

He beat one of the best demigods at their camp. Little did know that Percy was an olympian god and one of the most powerful demigods to ever live.

Then Zeus came up at the front of the arena.

Campers, last week, we had an edition of two new gods to the Olympian Council. They both were once really really powerful demigods and played a big role in the last two wars. They were sons of Poseidon and Hades.

Most of the campers stayed clueless.

Their names were Perseus Jackson And Nico Di Angelo

The older campers were shocked, and the younger campers were confused.

Annabeth P.O.V
When Zeus said Percy, I was taken aback. He was made a god. Was he single after our break up.

I should get him back, I could bath in unlimited power. Then I could be part of the olympian council. Perfect.

I grinned mischievously at my plan.

Percy P.O.V

After Zeus revealed mine and Nico's identity, I lifted my hood up to reveal my scarred face, a reminder of that gruesome and that unforgettable night. The campers that never betrayed me like the stoll brothers, clairisse, the seven,will, katie and the list continues.

Zane was taken to the infirmary while all the other campers prepared for their evening activities.

In the middle of ke practising my sword-fighting, the seven minus Annabeth tackled me into a hug.

Were were you, Percy. You dont know how hard we have been searching for you. We were told you died but we never believed it.

"Well Annabeth cheated on me for Zane and Zeus made me an olympian god. Then I was also made the guardian of the hunt, and surprisingly the hunters trust me and consider me the only good male on the planet, but they still like pranking me.

Leo, being the idiot he is showed his happiness by grinning like an idiot. That made me laugh. Without Leo, the Argo 2 would have been a very dull place.

Hazel and piper gave me a hug and was slapped twice.

"Ow, what was that for" I whined

"For disappearing."They both said in unison

Jason and frank and Leo were laughing.

Well, catch you later guys. Artmis will kill me if I am not with her hunters.

They all gave me a hug and individually told me how they will kill Annabeth and Zane

It felt really good to be with old friends. The amount of adventures we did together were  something hat will stick to me for millennia's.

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