A New Life

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Nico P.O.V

I could sense a soul about to enter my dad's realm, and i also had a suspicion that this soul was somebody who I was really close too.

I shadow travelled to the place and found a thin figure tied to tree.

I was going to help anyway, but what I saw made me feel like a dear caught on headlights.

One of my closest friends Percy Jackson, scarred  and bloody unconscious on the floor. I knew I did not have a lot of time so I picked him up and put him on my shoulder. HE felt so light that I wondered if he even ate in the last 1 week.  I knew i had to go posthaste to the gods.  I shadow traveled to the empire state and went to the front desk and demanded to go to the 600 floor.

''Sorry kid, no such  600 floor, only 102 floors''

I calmly looked at him ''I am the prince of the underworld.

"Oh sorry sir here you go please forgive me he said in a panicked state.

I waited until I arrived at Olympus. I walked along with Percy on my shoulder the whole time. I walked into the throne room to see all the gods starring at me.

"Young hero, what is the problem and who is that on your shoulder'' Zeus asked

"On my shoulder is the saviour of Olympus, Percy Jackson.

"I put him down to find all 14 gods looking at him shocked''

Poseidon looked at his son before he bellowed "who did this to my son''

Hestia came from her throne and calmed Poseidon down.

Apollo quickly healed  Percy. His deep gashes started to turn into scars. He slowly regained consciousness and looked around.

"Nico, were am I" he said

"you are on Olympus"

Poseidon walked over to Percy and gently hugged him as Percy sobbed on his shoulder. All the gods looked at Percy with concern.

"Nephew, who did this to you" Zeus asked with concern.

"I cannot talk about it, you can look at it yourself"

Zeus threw a drachma and summoned and asked iris to show what happened to Percy. Percy himself could not look at the scenes. When the flashback was done, Poseidon red from crying while Athena and Apollo looked at the council in shame.

There were many unknown scenes in the video like the torture. Pose I Don asked about it and Percy told it to the council, constantly trying no TM to break down. He then look at artemis and said "even a women can break a man's heart. Zeus asked him to show him the marks of the torture.

Percy lifted his shirt up to show all the marks and burns he received. Everybody winced at the marks.

Athena and Apollo came to Percy and apologised on behalf of their children. Zeus came

up and gave Percy a brotherly hug which was enough for Poseidon to smile.

Than they were probably talking through their mind of what too do.

I looked at Percy and he hugged me thanked me for rescuing him.  I for once felt sympathy for him. He was my favourite demigod friend and he would do anything for me.

Then, all the gods started bickering about random stuff. Hephaestus and ares were talking about weapons,  Apollo and Artemis were arguing about who is older, Poseidon and Hades were talking about how bad the titans are and Hermes and Dionysus were arguing about who was the favourite son.

Than Zeus got annoyed and bellowed"SILENCE". All the gods looked at him obediently.

As you all know, the primordial Ouranos is reforming  and we need to strengthen our council to give us a chance in victory. We have decided to make Perseus And Nico Olympian Gods.

I looked shocked and so did Nico. we discussed for a minute before deciding.

"Lord Zeus, we accept'' Hades and Poseidon were jumping up and down their thrones before coming to us and hugged us both individually.

Than All the gods stood up from their thrones and started to chant in what i guess was ancient greek. Than they all shot beams at us. I felt my blood boil and i thought  I was going to boil to death until the pain stopped.

Then, the fates arrived to give us our titles

All hail Lord Nico, god of souls, destruction, wisdom and darkness and combat.

When the fates gave Nico the title of wisdom, Athena looked at Nico in shock.

Then the fates looked up to me. I felt my heart skip a beat. We are talking about domains for eternity here!

All hail Perseus God of earth, time, swordsmanship, and agility and fire.

Lord Nico your domain will be The shadows while Perseus your domain will be the earth.

Perseus what will you like your sacred animal to be. I thought about it and chose a pegasus. I thought and chose a cheetah and the sword my father gave me. That became my sacred weapon.

Then with a poof, the fates disappeared to chaos knows where.

"Ok, nico you will be assigned to train with Athena while Perseus you will become guardian of the hunt." Zeus stated

Then all the gods flashed out leaving only Nico, Athena, Artemis and I

Artemis grabbed Percy's shoulder quite hardly not noticing the gashes there.

"Come on by, we have to leave" and they proofed out.

Athena just grabbed my arm and flashed us to her palace.

"Sleep and we will start your training tomorrow" she said sternly.

This will be one heck of a challenge.

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