A New threat

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After the bath, all hunters regrouped for the campfire. Ever since the start of the hunt, it was a tradition for us to sit all together and mingle about different things we do and plan together. Today all of us were taking about the new war that was brewing. But before we went to bed, all the hunters asked me one question that really caught me off guard.

Milady, do you have a crush on Percy. Thalia asked with a smile

All the hunters looked at me like I was the centre of attention (which I was)

"umm no," is all I could say"

All the hunters raised in eyebrow

Okay, maybe a little.

They still raised one eyebrow

Fine, I do, now happy

They all were laughing and rolling on the ground. Everybody's joy was sucked out when we heard screams coming from Perseus tent. We quickly took out our bows and parked right next to Percy's tent.

We opened the tent to see Percy curled up into a ball at the corner of the wall. Their was ichor on Percy' matrice and blood over the blanket where Percy was hiding.

"Percy, what happened, why is their ichor on the floor. " Thalia asked with concern. He did not reply.

All the hunters could not hide their concern. We all surrounded him and pulled his comforter up to rev rally new gashes on his two cheeks. I winced when I saw him. He also had I chord all over his shirt.

"Who did this, Percy"

I, I he tortured me in my dreams, before he collapsed.

Thalia lead the group, I will call go to olymous to discuss this matter. I grabbed Percy and flashed us off to the throne room. I called a council meeting All the gods cane in expecting an emergency and what they saw was clearly gruesome.

Zeus P.O.V
I was just roaming around the mortal world when I saw lightning rumble in the background. I immediately flashed to the throne room to see my favorite nephew lying on the ground unconscious. His shirt was drenched in Ichor and his cheeks had new scars.

All the gods flashed out to be greeted with a quite disturbing sight. Apollo came forward and put his on Percy's chest and chanted something in ancient Greek. The gashes on his left turned into more scars and Apollo lifted his shirt for us gods to see whip marks and and pieces of glass shards stuck to his ribs and his whole chest. Apollo carefully removed the shards and cleaned the wounds before bandaging it all up and giving him a warm sweater.

He slowly regained consciousness and bowed to all the gods.

I was surprised by the amount of respect he had. Coming a god also had a change in your personality for most of us. He was really humble even thought he was made an Olympian god. No wonder he was my favorite nephew.

Hens at on his throne and motioned for the meeting to continue.

Percy, do you have any idea how you were tortured.

And I will kill him or her" Poseidon bellowed.

Percy looked at his throne and mumbled "Ouranous"

Gasps could be hears across the throne room.

He is teaming with  some of the titans like Hyperion, Koios, Perses and Krios. He is raising an army of trained monsters. He tortured me to make us feel the beginning of the end.

"By the way could you give us your sword Riptide for some tweaks, Hephaestus asked"

"Sure, here you go" I said handing my sword to him

Since nobody had anything else to say, Zeus threw his master bolt and ended the discussion.

Percy P.O.V
I flashed into the hunters camp to be dog piled by all the hunters. They all hugged me.

Even the man hating goddess came. When everybody got of, she kissed me lightly on the cheek. She and I blushed.

Then she got on to the main announcement. Tomorrow we will go to camp half blood for the annual visit and capture the flag game.

All the hunters ( including me) groaned.

How about we can get our revenge on Annabeth and Zane for all the harm they caused Percy?

At that everybody cheered and packed their bags. Artemis and I teleported all of them to camp half blood. I wore an extra long hoody so my face could be covered with it.

We were greeted by chiron. He looked sad and depressed.

Chiron, why are you so sad." Lady artemis asked.

"Well, my favourite student, Percy Jackson left camp without a trace, annabeth told me that she found him dead and buried him in the sea. He used to give me tips and was a big inspiration to all the younger campers". He said trying his best not too break down.

Then Annabeth came running towards thalia trying to embrace her. She was pushed away from thalia who glared at her.

"Ow, why did you do that thals" she asked.

"You tortured Percy, you stupid athena spawn." Thalia screamed.

Oh, Percy was always a weakling and I found a better boyfriend.

Then her boyfriend came out of his cabin and joined our little discussion.

"Hey, don't say anything to my girlfriend."the egotistic idiot said.

He was about to punch Thalia when I grabbed his arm.

"Don't touch her, or I will personally drag you to tartarus." I said clearly mad.

"Hey who are you to tell me that. I am the strongest demigod alive, more powerful than hercules, Percy Jackson and Achilles combined."

"I am the guardian of the hunt" I said while laughing.

At that, I could not stop laughing.

"Hey, I challenge you to a duel tomorrow. Ill beat you there. I should have been the guardian of the hunt anyway" he said

Okay tomorrow, at noon in the arena in front of the camp. I said

I walked away with the rest of the hunt. I made my bed and made all the hunters bed too. Who wants blue cookies while we talk" I asked

Every hunter said me. I clapped my hands and one big batch of blue cookies appeared.

"Mmm, these are delicious" Artemis said.

"That stupid male thinks he can challenge percy in a duel" phoebe said clearly trying not to laugh. Percy beat him up for me."She said while chewing

Yeah Ill bring the the most powerful demigod of history back down to earth. I said while laughing"

At that everybody including Artemis laughed.

I got on my bed and drifted into the realm of Morpheus.

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