Love Again

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Authors note: Hey everybody, thanks for reading my story. I JUST STARTED AND I WILL TRY TO MAKE it as long as possible. I will update daily and please feel free to give me suggestions because I will be writting more stories in the future. Thank you!

Athena P.O.V
Nico turned out to be quite an obedient and fast learner. He never complained when I tried to teach him stuff and he was a pretty good duelist. We talked to each other about our lives and about different people. He looked so cut- Athena stop it you cannot have feelings for males.

"Athena, do you ever get bored reading and do children just pop out of your head. How does it feel to come out of Zeus head and live withyour mother who was a fly." Nico said out of the blue.

It was so annoying answering all his questions. Sometimes I wonder why I don't slap him really hard like I did to Apollo or Hephaestus when they were trying to flirt with me. But he is one of the kinky good male gods in the world. Ugh stop going off topic and focus

"Nico finish your homework, after that you have training" I scolded him

He just sighed and continued doing it. What's better than studying. Knowledge is power.

Nico P.O.V
After one hour of doing this torture I was finished. I went to get changed. Today I was going to battle Athena and destroy her. So much for knowledge.

Athena came out with her 6 foot owl sword. I got in my stance with my stygian iron sword in my left hand. Athena charged at me, trying to hit my ribs.

I easily parried it and went on defense to find out her technique.

Athena was also fighting cautiously, attacking but defending when she needed too. For the next ten minutes I was still on defense because athena would not let me attack. Than she made a mistake and exposed her ribs. Snide I was the god of combat, I spotted it and hit her hard there. She stumbled but continued. For the next ten minutes I kept attacking her since she was tired from the wound and the attacking from before.

It stayed like the until she tried to sweep me. Me seeing this as an opportunity, quickly sidestepped and disarmed her form the technique Percy told me 3 year ago. I put my sword 2 centimeters away from her throat.

"Do you yield? I asked her with a grin."

"Yeah whatever" she replied clearly mad"

"He he he I beat the wisdom goddess" I said bloating.

"Yeah, I was going easy"she said with an edge to her voice.

I thought I should tell her I like her.

"Hey, athena. You may slap me but I just wanted to tell you that I sort of umm like you."

She dropped whatever book she was reading and looked at me.

For a second, I thought I was dead.

"Well, nico I also have feelings for you too."

"Well do you want to go out?"I asked her.

"I thought you will never ask, death breath"

We both leaned in and shared our first kiss.

Artemis P.O.V
We stayed all night planning for his birthday. All the hunters agreed that he was a good guardian and he never flirted or done anything inappropriate.

When the sun was rising we all placed around his tent. When he was done showering and wearing is clothes, he stepped out of the tent to reveal...

Percy P.O.V
I woke up in the morning and did my morning routine.mAfter taking my shower, I wore jeans and a black pull over hoody.

I went outside to be dog piled by all the hunters and be chanted happy birthday. Oh yeah, I forgot, it was my birthday. How did the hunters remember?

They all hugged me, even Phoebe. The oldest and coldest hunter, and the one that a bh ores men the most.

Lady artemis said that I don't need I do chores anymore and I have been a big help. She never expected for me to do chores when I was assigned to protect the hunt. Then,all the hunters apologized for the pranks and the glares they sent at me.

I forgave them and summoned all their food. Due to lady Hestia's blessing, I can summon great and whatever food I want from thin air.

After their breakfast, I warmed their bath water for them. I felt sorry for the hunters because they could only bath in freezing cold water. They all thanked and hugged me. I felt good to help. Then lady artemis came.

"Thank you for the help Perseus."

"You are welcome lady artemis."

"How many times have I told you, no formalities"

"Then don't call me Perseus."

At that she blushed.

I walked away to my tent.

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