Silent Treatment- Ministar123

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Okay this video is a little old but Vikk was being so cute! Seriously this is how people write him in fanfictions so I figured I'd go off that. (The game they're playing is GangBeasts btw)

Simon's P.O.V.

"Anyone who is watching Vikk's video right now, you must be questioning your life choices."

"It's called editing Simon!" Through Skype I could see Vikk scowling at me, his eyebrows knitting together. I knew he wanted to say something else to me but not while recording and I had no doubt that I would be sleeping in my own room that night because I had been teasing and poking at him all day.

We recording the rest of the video with everyone else picking up on what I was doing and making it so much work, continuing to tease Vikk more. Towards the end of the video he was sitting in mostly silence but I could see his cheeky grin through my second screen as he ran around with a hat from one of the other players.

"No! I dropped my ha- Ethan let me go! No.... I want ma hat!" I grinned, sneaking around one side of Ethan and Vikk, taking the hat from the floor.

"Woo! I got the hat!" Vikk let out somewhat of a screeching noise as Ethan tried to throw him over the barrier and then a groan as he died.

"Right Ethan! You and me!"


I pushed open Vikk's door gingerly, a little bit worried that he might be mad at me as I had pushed him a little far. He did get mad when I annoyed him and used the silent treatment, which I hated because I needed cuddles a lot, especially after a long day of recording and editing.

Vikk was lying on his stomach in bed, his covers pulled up over his head and a book in front of him. The Theory of Everything. Of course, it was his absolute favourite book and had read it at least a dozen times, a couple of times was him reading out loud to me or me reading it to him when he was sick.

"Vikky?" He didn't look up, instead turned his head away and rested his head on his book. I sighed, knowing it would be difficult. "Vikk please, I didn't mean it..."

"I don't care, leave me alone Simon." I sat down on the bed beside him, placing one hand on his shoulder and then jumping back as he jerked my hand away by jolting his shoulder violently.

"Please Vikk? I really didn't mea-"

"I don't care Simon! Get out!" I backed up a little, making sure he was looking at me before giving him a sad smile and closing the door behind me. I sighed, rubbing my forehead in defeat.

He must have taken the teasing to heart or we'd gone one step too far, more likely the first one, and I wasn't sure what to do. Normally Josh or I could talk him out of it but if he didn't want us in his room I wasn't sure what either Josh or I could even do. Just as I was think of what to do, Josh came out of his room.

He saw me standing outside Vikk's room and frowned.

"Is he okay? We didn't take it too far did we?" He sounded worried and I nodded.

"He kicked me out, I think he took it to heart this time." Josh frowned, wrapping me in a hug. It was quite unusual for Vikk to take it that badly, to the point where he didn't want to be around us and I was actually starting to get scared.

"I'll go and talk to him okay, just give me a couple o-" His phone buzzed in his pocket with a call and he pulled it out, puzzled and showing me the screen that said Lachlan was calling.

"Hello? Lachlan?" He put the phone on speaker, holding it out so I could hear it too.

"Hey Josh, is Simon there?" Josh's eyes flickered up to me, confused.

"Yeah, why?" I furrowed my brow.

"Vikk's upset but I know you know, just... leave him for a bit... he's had some bad news." I widened my eyes.

"Lachlan what do you know that we don't?" I heard his sigh on the other end of the phone and the sound of typing before he replied.

"He had some bad news this morning and you guys recording this afternoon and the teasing... he's got really upset." Josh looked right at me, holding out the phone for me to take.

"What happened? Lachlan please, I want to help!" I heard the sound of typing again and I assumed that Lachlan was talking to Vikk.

"His brother's wife gave birth this morning... the little girl was stillborn. He was really excited to be an Uncle and it's given him a bit of a shock." I suddenly paled, thinking of what I had said earlier in the video.

"Shit I think I might have trigged that... I said 'I hope all your children die', not to him but just in general when I was mad." I heard Lachlan groan on the other side of the phone.

"Okay that'll be it... just- okay he said you can go in, but just Simon okay. He's really upset." I nodded, taking in a deep breath before going over to his door and pushing down on the door handle. I heard Josh thank Lachlan before ending the call, then he smiled at me, silently wishing me luck before heading back to his room.

"Vikky?" I kept my voice low, trying not to startle him as I knew he was upset. I could see him curled up under his covers, his chest rising and falling more violently than normal, meaning that he was crying and quite heavily too. "Vikky baby? It's Simon, it's okay."

I heard his sobs and tip-toed over to the bed beside him, crawling underneath the covers where I could hold him. As my fingers gently brushed his skin he didn't pull away, his fingers instead reaching out for mine and curling themselves around mine for comfort.

I curled my legs around his smaller ones and let him cry, feeling his fingers still in mine and his head firmly in my chest where I could feel it bobbing as he sobbed. I ran my other hand up and down his back, trailing my fingers up the warm skin on his back before nuzzling my nose into his hair, whispering sweet nothings into his ear.

I could feel gentle tears starting to wet my t-shirt and I rolled over so I was on my back and he was lying on my stomach, his lightness making him feel like a big teddy bear on top of me. I continued to carress his face, whispering in his ear.

"It's okay Vikky, Lachlan told me what happened, I didn't mean okay, I promise." He raised his head for the first time and I saw his tear streaked face and red rimmed eyes.

"Oh baby..." I mumbled under my breath, giving him a quick kiss. "Lachlan told me what happened and I'm so sorry. You were looking forward to being an Uncle weren't you..." He nodded, attempting to shift up so his head was right under my chin and his chest was right on top of mine.

"She was two months pre-mature and they couldn't save her..." He trailed off, starting to shake again. He loved children and had always wanted his own some day, when he wasn't so busy with YouTube and chasing around after me because I did something stupid.

"It's okay, it's okay, shhhhhhhh." I lifted my knee up and started to bounce it, creating a rocking motion which started to almost send Vikk off to sleep. I smiled, feeling his fingers start to go limp in my hand.

After 5 minutes his hand dropped completely and I knew he was completely asleep. I looked up when the door open, almost too suddenly as it rocked Vikk's head a little, but it was Josh and he smiled.

"Is he okay?" I nodded.

"Little upset but it'll be okay in the morning once we've got some sleep. He'll probably go up to visit his brother at some point, I might go with him if I can." Josh inclined his head, smiling once more before closing the door behind him and turning the lights out.

"Night Vikky, hope you feel better in the morning."

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