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"...and when Jaemin-hyung shot that final score, my heart stopped beating! The game was so intense!" Chenle chirped from Jisung's lap on their table. It put a sincere smile on Jaemin's face to see Jisung started to initiate the skinship, turning Chenle into the happiest boy ever. The youngest member of the basketball team rested his arms around Chenle's waist, while he looked up at him with such an admiring stare.

Donghyuck and Mark too. They sat side by side, hands tangled on the table, both ignoring their trays. Mark chuckled at Chenle's comments of the match. Donghyuck spoke a bit too, responding at Chenle's rants.

Jeno, as usual, munched on his food while laughing at whatever Chenle said. Sometimes he even added a few comments here and there.

It was just Jaemin who stayed silence, watching Renjun poked at his sandwich with lack of appetite on the other side of the table. Renjun usually sat next to Jaemin or Jeno, but he chose to sit in between Mark and Jisung. At first he didn't want to join the lunch group, but Chenle and Jisung dragged him over. The couple didn't want Renjun to leave the group because of what Jaemin and Jeno did. They even tried to initiate a conversation between Renjun and Jaemin. It was always Jaemin whom replied, Renjun just kept silent.

"H-how is the play going, R-Renjun?" Jaemin finally couldn't stand it, and blurted out the question. The atmosphere went a little bit awkward.

Donghyuck hid his face on the crook of Mark's neck, as if he's afraid of what would come. Jisung started to bounce Chenle on his lap (Chenle's grin grew wider) because he was anxious. Jeno casually put another piece of the ham in his mouth.

"Good," Renjun answered shortly.

"Is there anything I can help with?" Jaemin got turned down with a single shook of Renjun's head. Renjun's eyes didn't leave his poor sandwich during this small talk.

"Yah! Na Jaemin, if you're not going to eat your apple, will you mind if I eat that?" Donghyuck suddenly asked, melting the tension down as Jisung snorted.

"I'm still growing, I need a lot of nutrition and a lot of love." As Donghyuck bit on Jaemin's apple, he leaned on Mark.

Jeno stole a glance at his best friend and his best friend's crush. They looked miserable. This is why Jeno didn't want to engage in a relationship. It could be painful. He had enough of pain during his parents' divorce, he didn't want to go through the same path again.

"When are you going to say it?" Jeno asked just below a whisper. He didn't stop eating, he acted like he didn't have a secret communication going on with Jaemin.

The other guy pretended to check on his phone and mumbled, "I don't know."

"Do it fast, or you'll regret it," Jeno said before he stood up and announced, "I gotta go. I have to meet Mrs. Nam to discuss about my English make up test."

"Can I tag along? I need to go to Mr. Kim to give him the budgeting proposal for the play," Renjun suddenly asked.

Jeno nodded, "Sure. Come on, let's go."

"Bye," Renjun grabbed his bag and jogged to catch up with Jeno, who was already five meters away from the table.

Jaemin couldn't believe his eyes. Renjun. Talked. To. Jeno. But. Not. To. Him. What kind of frick frack is this?

"You just got your ass beaten by your own best friend," Donghyuck whistled.

"Hyuck," Mark warned.

"What? Clearly, Renjun knew they weren't kissing because they were in a relationship. Renjun probably knew what you were playing at and he got mad at you. You, Jaemin, Jeno was excluded here. You were the one who started it in the first place, right?" Donghyuck's words sounded like a pack of buzzing bees to Jaemin's ears.

"Could Renjun-ge got mad... Because he was jealous that Jaemin kissed Jeno first instead of him?" Chenle dramatically gasped, "Is Renjun-ge jealous, though? Really, I don't understand him sometimes. This is like a soap opera, what the hell."

"Honey, stop watching cheesy movies, okay?" Jisung sighed, "You sounded like you write a poorly-written, cringe-worthy drama series."

"Yah!" Chenle slapped his lover's shoulder.

"The point is you have to fix this up with Renjun. It's uncomfortable for me to watch you guys keeping a distance between each other, when I've seen you guys acting like a married couple not long ago," Mark cut off his dongsaeng's pointless chatter, "I'm serious, Jaemin."

Jaemin nodded gloomily as he sighed. This was far from his expectations when he decided to make Renjun jealous by kissing Jeno.

Written : April 8th 2018
Published : June 22nd 2018

I supposed to publish this chapter on Wednesday, but I had something to work on. I'm sorry for the late update :( Guys, this book is ending in ten chapters or something :( I'm not ready at all :( BUT I've prepared another story so I'm kinda excited too.

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