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Jaemin was left alone at home, his parents were away on a business trip. That's why he went to Jeno's house to have a sleepover. Taeyong welcomed him with opened arms, and even joked that Jaemin should move permanently to their house.

"I'm scared," Jaemin squeaked.

"What is it again?" Jeno groaned on his pillow and turned to face Jaemin. He was so ready to fall asleep when his bestfriend talk again.

It was three in the morning, and tomorrow they would have the match with another school. Jeno needed to rest, but being a good friend he was, he listened to Jaemin.

"Why do I get the feeling that something is going to happen tomorrow?" Jaemin frowned, "I-I feel like... There's something bad..."

"Nothing is going to be bad," Jeno patted Jaemin's head, "Go to sleep, we have to wake up early."

Jaemin stayed silence for a moment before finally spoke up again, "I'm scared."


"About Renjun, not about our game tomorrow," Jaemin scoffed, "Go to sleep, Jeno, you're getting annoying."

"I will not sleep until you tell me what you've been thinking about."

"I'm scared to see Renjun with Doyoung tomorrow. I know they are coming. Jeno, what if I see a different sparkle in Renjun's eyes when he looks at Doyoung?"

"Then do something to make him want you. Do something... provocative? Yeah. You have to wake his common sense up, to make him understand that you're what he wants, what he needs."


"I don't know? Flirt with another person in front of his face, ask my brother to take you out on a fake date and post it on Instagram, hug Chenle, kiss the hell out of me, I don't know? If you think it'll trigger him then... do it."

"The last option is a big no," Jaemin chuckled, "I know how anti you are of skinship, let alone kiss."

"If it means I'm helping you then it's alright," Jeno turned at Jaemin, "No homo, though."

"No homo, because you're my homie."

"Aye," Jeno turned around, "Stop it, I was only joking. Don't kiss me, I'm going to get disgusted."

Jaemin didn't take it to the heart. He knew Jeno just didn't do physical contacts nor dating, so it didn't bother him when Jeno said he would get disgusted. He knew Jeno so damn well like the back of his hand.

"I know you have a lot in your mind, but try get some sleep. You need it," Jeno muttered, half-awake.

Jaemin nodded, even though Jeno couldn't see him. "Good night, Jeno."

"Night, Nana."


The game started at three, but they had to gather at school on nine in the morning. Jaemin didn't get a lot of sleep last night, he kept tossing around in Jeno's bed. He's nervous about everything today. The game, Renjun, the fact that Hansol would came.

Yes, his brother was coming, alongside with his boyfriend, Yuta. When Jaemin and Jeno were having breakfast, Taeyong informed that Jaehyun, Hansol, Yuta, a guy named Taeil, and himself would come to the game. This made Jaemin nervous, but excited at the same time.

"How are you guys feeling today?" Jisung sat next to them in the bleachers, they were still waiting for their coach to come.

"Like a trainwreck," Jaemin groaned.

"I feel like I want to puke," Jeno added, "Chenle is coming, right, Jisung?"

Jisung nodded but his face went pale, "Well, I don't know... We... We had a fight yesterday. I hope he will."

"Whoa, what were you fighting about?" Jaemin turned to the younger.

"You know how touchy Chenle can be," Jisung sighed, "Me on the other side, isn't very fond of skinship. We were at my place, watching Netflix. He put his arms around my body, but I didn't reply with any gesture. Chenle got pissed. He wants to be touched, but I don't know how. I'm not used to it."

Jaemin held the urge to chuckle, and patted Jisung's head instead, "Talk to him, dude. Say the truth, that you're not used to nor fond of touching. Say that you'll try to get used to it, and you have to really get used to it."

"I've seen Chenle sat on your lap this week," Jeno furrowed his eyebrows, "You seemed okay with it."

"Well, we weren't that close and he basically just talked with Donghyuck or you guys! Last night we were alone, and it's dark, and I feel awkward and confused. Chenle was so cute and something... did this thing inside me. I was afraid! I didn't want to end up having a Netflix and chill session!"

Jaemin and Jeno facepalmed. Thank goodness, the coach walked in and they were ready to do their last practice.

Written : April 6th 2018
Published : June 10th 2018
Hello, can I have a Jisung Park? Idk man, I'm kinda infatuated with Jisungie lately 💛

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