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The room that used to be his was now vacant. He had relocated all of his belongings, while his parents had sold all the furniture. They really kicked him out.

"Nothing to lose," Jaemin said to himself, "None at all."

He closed his bedroom door for the last time before carrying his backpack downstairs. Hansol was there, waiting for him with a huge smile. Their parents, on the other hand, were as quiet as a statue. They didn't expect that someday, their youngest son would follow the trace of his brother. It's their loss, though. Jaemin, on the other side, felt like he was finally free.

"Thanks for the past years," Jaemin bowed towards his parents, "I appreciate all the things you have done, not only for me, but for Hansol-hyung too. I hope your business goes well."

Hansol stood up and put his hand on his brother's shoulder, "Ready to go?"

Jaemin nodded, and Hansol led him outside.

"Yes, hello, welcome to the club, AYE!" Yuta, Hansol's boyfriend, cheered from their car.

"Calm down, Yu-chan. It's not like he's going to live with us," Hansol chuckled as they climbed into the vehicle. Jaemin sat on the backseat.

"Yes, but he got kicked out just like us!" Yuta turned his head to smile at Jaemin, "Not that I think you're getting kicked out is good, it was hard at first, but... You know what I mean, right, Jae?"

Jaemin laughed but nodded.

"Yah, things are going to be great for him," Yuta clicked his tongue, "I know it. I have a great feeling."

When Jaemin called and told him he just got kicked out, Hansol immediately offered Jaemin to live with him and Yuta. Sadly, Jaemin refused. He wanted to start his own story, and he didn't want to bother Hansol and Yuta. They were used to live alone, his presence would surely felt like a burden someday.

"Have you called Kun-ge? Did they move in all the furniture?" Jaemin asked, his eyes never left the clear blue sky.

"I was just texting him. They were just putting your bed," Yuta answered, and he smiled to Jaemin from the rear mirror, "You guys are literally so lucky. You have us and Kun to help you out. When both of us got kicked out, we slept on the bus stop for a few days."

"Luckily, Mr. and Mrs. Choi let us stay in one of their empty flat," Hansol chuckled, "By the way, this is the roundabout. Where should I exit?"

"There, just follow the red Hyundai," Jaemin pointed at a car.

Thankfully Hansol took the right exit and in no time, they reached Jaemin's new home. Well...

More precisely Jaemin's and Renjun's new home.

It was an apartment with two bedrooms and a bathroom. Located pretty far from their school, but the price was affordable. They splitted the bills in four. Kun and Hansol, as their brothers were going to help them with the rent. Jaemin and Renjun also had found a job, Jaemin at the local record shop, and Renjun at a small bakery across the street.

Unlike Renjun's previous apartment, the one where they were going to live in was older, and it only had three stories. They were going to live in the second floor.

When Jaemin reached his own door, he beamed and knocked thrice. Somebody yelled 'wait a minute' before they finally opened the door.

"You own this place too, next time just come in," Renjun grunted with a red face, "I was just organizing my books."

"Oh, do you need a help with it? I can give you a hand after I help Hansol-hyung and Yuta-hyung—"

"No, that's fine. Go get your stuff, everything else are already on their rightful place, thanks to my brother," Renjun took Jaemin's backpack, "I'm going to put this on our bedroom. Go help your brother."

"Okay!" Jaemin smiled and was about to leave when Renjun pulled him back and planted a kiss on his cheek.

"Now, you can go," Renjun giggled.

Jaemin rolled his eyes but he pecked the top of Renjun's head, "Love you loads, love."

"Go help your brother, bub, I've told you a million time."


After a long day of organizing their new apartment and having their brothers around, Jaemin and Renjun finally had some time to chill.

Half past eleven, and both of them were munching on pizza that Yuta-hyung bought earlier. They sat on the sofa in front of the television, cuddled up next to each other.

Empty boxes were piled up on the corner, all of their contains had been moved out. The smell of dust still lingered in the air a bit. Jaemin made a mental note to buy Febreeze later.

The television was on, showing a popular comedy show. But the sound was on mute. Instead, they played Kun's mixtape on Renjun's old tape. Elvis' Love Me Tender was playing.

Aside from Elvis' voice, the apartment was empty.

"Did you regret it?" Jaemin asked, out of nowhere.

Renjun looked up at him, "Regretted what?"

"Moving in with me?"

"No," Renjun shook his head, "But I'm afraid, though. This is the first time I live with someone whom is not my family. My parents don't disown me just because I like boys. But I'm far away from them, and I will be far away from Kun-ge in two days. I have to think about the rent, and our school. Not to mention, university tuition! What if we fail one day?"

Instead of answering the smaller lad, Jaemin stared at his eyes. The deep brown orbs were looking back at him, clouded with doubts and question marks.

Those eyes. Those mesmerizing eyes that never failed to brighten up even Jaemin's worst day. Those mesmerizing eyes that assured him they could do it. They could survive.

"Didn't I promise you, that you will live a happy and content life?" Jaemin asked, he leaned in until their foreheads touched, "I'm intending to make it come true. So, trust me when I say we're going to be fine. We're not going to fail and we can win in this life. Because Na Jaemin loves Huang Renjun very much."

Renjun giggled, "Huang Renjun loves Na Jaemin very much too."

"We're going to be okay."

"Promise?" Renjun leaned even closer.


And they closed the gap between them, their warm lips met each other in a very simple, delicate kiss.


Written : April 17th 2018
Published : July 15th 2018
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