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"Welcome home, Je—oh, you brought Jaemin with you!"

One afternoon after school, Jeno offered Jaemin to hang out at his place with his brother. Since he would be alone at home, and he was bored, Jaemin agreed to come.

"Hi, Taeyong-hyung!" Jaemin waved.

"It's been a long time," Taeyong smiled widely. The older lad was cooking something in the kitchen, "How's school?"

"More fun, since he has a crush now," Jeno chuckled. Jaemin stomped on his foot with full force, trying to shut him up.

But Taeyong didn't even laugh at him, "I kinda guessed. How about... Hansol?"

The name of his half-brother made Jaemin froze. It's been awhile since the last time he thought about Hansol, how was he, and what did he do for a living.

"Ah, I shouldn't have brought that up. I'm sorry, Jaemin," Taeyong left his boiling pot to give Jaemin a hug, "Sorry, Jaemin. I thought he had already contacted you, he said he will."

"For real?" Jaemin croaked out the question, since there was a nonexistent lump on his throat.

"For real," Taeyong let him go and cupped the boy's face, "Don't worry. Hansol is a strong guy, he has a job. Yuta is being a supportive boyfriend too. It's not easy to tear their relationship apart. Those two are glued to each other."

"Thank goodness," Jaemin chuckled, feeling way more relieved than ever.

"Uh, yeah, okay, I invited him here to play Fifa," Jeno interrupted, "I don't mean to be the bad guy here, the heartless one, but can we skip this part? Jaemin is here so I can take his mind off Huang Renjun for a moment, hyung."

Taeyong gave up and went back to his cooking, meanwhile, Jeno started to set up the television. Jaemin sat on the sofa and waited patiently.

Ever since Jeno's parents divorced, he had been living with his older brother, Taeyong. Lee Taeyong was twenty three years old, and to say that he was handsome was an understatement. The guy looked like God himself painted him, a true masterpiece. Jeno was a late bloomer, though. He's still in puberty.

Jaemin had known the Lee brothers ever since they were in elementary school. Taeyong was undeniably a good brother. Back then, when Jeno got bullied, Taeyong stepped in and beat the kids who bothered Jeno. He never stopped being good to his brother. A month after the divorce, even though Taeyong was struggling to feed himself, yet he still offered Jeno to live with him. Thank goodness he had a job now and both of them were in a much more stable condition.

"Yes! It's on," Jeno plopped down next to Jaemin, "I'm gonna beat you."

"In your dream."

They played the game three times before Taeyong announced that dinner was ready. He cooked kimchi jiggae, alongside with rice and fried shrimp.

"Thank you for the food, Taeyong-hyung," Jaemin said before he ate.

"It's fine, you act like it's your first time here," Taeyong ruffled the boy's hair, "Do you want me to give you a ride home? I'm going to Jaehyun's place tonight, might as well taking you home."

"You mean, with your cool motorbike?" Jaemin nearly exclaimed in joy when Taeyong nodded.

Okay, so, Taeyong just got a really cool, vintage motorbike from his friend. Jaemin had been wondering what would it feels like to be on that bike.

"Are you okay with that?" Jaemin asked, doubt in his voice.

"Of course I'm okay with that, why shouldn't I?" Taeyong walked out of the living room, "I'm going to take a shower first, though. You guys keep eating, or else the food will get cold."

Jaemin hyperventilated when Taeyong was out of sight. Jeno just rolled his eyes, "Get yourself a motorbike, then take Renjun on a midnight trip with it."

"I'll have to wait until I have my own money," Jaemin sighed, "It's crazy how Renjun has a lot of friends now. Aren't you scared of being forgotten?"

"Of course. He's a very nice guy, he's fun to be around. But compared to you, my fear of being forgotten by Huang Renjun seemed like a piece of cake."

Jaemin didn't respond to Jeno's words, because he knew deep inside, he was so afraid that he's going to lose Renjun when he had been so close with that boy.

Written : March 22nd 2018
Published : May 25th 2018
Updating because I am happy today :) I woke up to 3k reads, HONESTLY you guys are aMaZeBaLLs UWU!!!! Cannot express how I'm very grateful of your existence. *Cries on the corner of my bedroom. OH AND ALSO I have finished all my final exams and I have a lot of free time for almost 2 months! More time to write, yay! But for now, I wanna take a long nap first hehe.


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