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Jaemin waited for Renjun to speak. The boy zoned out for a moment before he finally spoke.

"I've always said I'm going to tell you something. This is what I wanted to tell you," Renjun said, "This is why I avoid you in the first place, why my friend was only Chenle back then.

"Ever since I was a kid, my parents always told me to be nice, polite, and helpful towards people. That way, people are not going to hurt me. When I think about it now, it was complete bullshit. My old self, old Renjun who was in kindergarten, believed it.

"Every day, when I went to school, I became that good boy who got straight A. In elementary school, I helped a lot of my classmates to study. Elementary school was okay, it didn't do any damage to me.

"I kept on being what my parents had told me until I was in junior high school. Junior high school is a brand new start, because I moved to another part of the town. I enrolled to a school where I knew nobody at all.

"So, I had this group of friends, consisting of me and three other people. They were very close with each other because they had been friends ever since they were in elementary school. You can say that they adopted me.

"They were very great. They took me to the arcade, to the cafe, to the cinema. At school, we were always together. People looked at us as inseparable, but things started to get bad when we were in eight grade.

"I was clueless of what happened, I don't remember exactly what they did. The point is, one of them use me because I'm smart. He always copied my homework, and forced me to let him did that if I refused. He copied the answer of my tests too. He would asked for my answer sheet when we're having a test without my permission.

"When I said no, once, he ripped my sheet, ten minutes before the test ended. I didn't get any grade. Once, we even got caught but he turned the facts and said that I asked him to copy his answer to my sheet. The teacher liked him better, so I got a detention for a month.

"The next one, he only needed me when he's alone. When the other two wasn't around, he clinged to me. When I needed someone to accompany me, it's a whole different story. He would stay if he was alone, but when there were other people he would refused.

"The last one was the worst, though. He's the leader of the group. He told me everything and it goes the other way around. What I did not know was he talked about it behind my back with the other two... and the whole class.

"After I got that detention because of the test incident, the three of them started to verbally bully me. Bullying is a hard word, though, I didn't want to say that it was bullying. It was my brother's words, verbally bullying. They corrupted the whole class to do the same thing. They blurted out all my secrets. Once, they cornered me in the toilet and... beat me, you know.

"That's why I don't trust people easily, and shut myself," Renjun chuckled, "Lame ass story, right? I'm sorry, Nana, to think that you were like them and avoided you!"

Jaemin blinked a couple of time before he spontaneously pulled Renjun into a hug. He snuggled his head on the crook of Renjun's neck, fingers trailing random patterns on Renjun's back. Renjun froze at first, but as soon as the finger trails started, he relaxed and melted into Jaemin's arms. He hugged Jaemin back, and rested his cheek on the side of Jaemin's head.

"I swear that people like those disgusting scums that don't deserve to live will not bother you anymore," Jaemin whispered, his voice trembled, "They will have to step over my dead body. I swear, Junnie, I swear you're going to live a happy life here. I... God, you don't know how angry and sad I am inside."

"Don't be. It's in the past anyway. Now I have you."

Jaemin was glad to hear it, but his heart clenched and tears threatened to roll down. How could someone hurt his sweet Junnie?

Written : April 3rd 2018
Published : June 4th 2018
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