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famous - nct, markhyuck by laurelynnnn
famous - nct, markhyuckby ✩ l a u r e l y n ✩
if there was something donghyuck couldn't stand more than anything else, it had to be being the centre of attention. he was perfectly fine stanning his favourite kpop bo...
NCT Dream |Collide| [Markhyuck, Nomin, Chensung] by Babybun412
NCT Dream |Collide| [Markhyuck, Babybun412
Markhyuck. Nomin. Chensung. A bad boy. A tired but fiesty student. A popular boy. An average student. A quiet boy. A new kid. A lone wolf. When 7 opposite people...
annoying┃chensung by chogiwanese
annoying┃chensungby home
╻jisung likes peace and quiet and chenle is the opposite to that╹ ❀ chensung ❀ chogiwanese ━┅ ✎ this is made out of pure entertainment and a hundred percent...
cherry kisses | chensung by -flowersofepiphany
cherry kisses | chensungby nobantrai
in where jisung can't get enough of chenle's kisses.
drive | norenmin by -flowersofepiphany
drive | norenminby nobantrai
in where jeno and renjun drive jaemin crazy.
Take My Breath Away | Chensung by YutayakiPrince
Take My Breath Away | Chensungby YutayakiPrince
He passes me in the hallway, walking in all of his glory. I can't breathe. I try to find my inhaler, but it's not there. The last thing I hear is screams, before everyth...
High On You | chensung by beomgluv
High On You | chensungby Liah <33
In which, jisung is a hopeless drug addict with a tiny obsession over famous pop singer Zhong Chenle.
you never knew || chenji by nickiminana
you never knew || chenjiby astrophile⚕️
two best friend encounters something they wish they didn't. But afterwards began to accept it.
《Two Faced》 |Jaeno/Nomin|  COMPLETED by Alexutz_17
《Two Faced》 |Jaeno/Nomin| BubbleTeaSebooty
Na Jaemin struggles with keeping his evil and perverted side a secret. Everything changes when Lee Jeno,the bad boy of their highschool,finds out about him and makes his...
The Crown Prince [COMPLETED] by amessagefor_you
The Crown Prince [COMPLETED]by 𝐫𝐢𝐫𝐮
"And you are?" "I'm the crown prince. Choose your next words wisely - they may be your last."
two secrets || markhyuck by chaeuwu
two secrets || markhyuckby ↳ 𝙘𝙝𝙖𝙚𝙮𝙤𝙪𝙣𝙜
Donghyuck and Mark are best friends and they don't keep secrets from each other. Except Donghyuck had two secrets to keep from Mark. Started: 01/ 01/ 19 Ended: 05 / 09...
Mislead,, chenji by fullsun_m
Mislead,, chenjiby haejii
„Chenle went live on weibo, And Jisung was just too affected" (Very) short story • other ships from NCT are involved • I'm sorry for typos and grammatical err...
EASE  by kanuejedi
EASE by -leana-
Jisung is sexually assaulted and Chenle is his therapists son. Title from EASE by Troye Sivan 🌸This story is part of my Blue Neighboorhood series. All of the plots take...
Bro Zone // markhyuck by yyutamatic
Bro Zone // markhyuckby closed.
Mark finds out his best friend is in love with him by "accidentally" reading his diary one night. But he doesn't know what to do about it, being the panicked g...
Glossy - NORENMIN by NCTAroundTheWorld
Jeno is an adorable omega, who, unintentionally, has an alpha and another omega yearning for him. This alpha and omega couple wants nothing but to kiss his delicious che...
Tamagotchi || Chensung by SKPLACH
Tamagotchi || Chensungby —✰
When Jisung was younger, a little boy by the name of Zhong Chenle was vowed to be his sworn enemy ever since the second grade, when Chenle killed his digital pet Tamagot...
Playboy || Markhyuck by LoliChan04
Playboy || Markhyuckby LoliChan04
"I know you want to kiss me" When Donghyuck is hopelessly in love with Mark, but he knows that that's a terrible mistake.
all the stars | nct dream by starryinjunnie
all the stars | nct dreamby —ᴀ.
❝we don't need anyone else, this is our home❞ seven orphans who used to be inseparable, all get adopted to different families. but after ten years, it seems as though ev...
Once Upon A Time °markhyuck° by fullmoon_hyuck55
Once Upon A Time °markhyuck°by fullmoon
Magic AU, Fantasy Au Donghyuck is a wizard. In his school, wizards hate werewolves, vampires and other creatures, but when the new year begins, the whole school gets a n...