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Jaemin swore that he could see Donghyuck's nonexistent heart eyes when he went over with Mark Lee the next day. The tanned boy was having lunch with some of his friends in the cafeteria when Jaemin spotted him. He asked one of his teammates to accompany him, returning the lunchbox, and Mark volunteered.

Now Donghyuck didn't even lay an eye on Jaemin.

"So, you can cook?" Mark asked, "That's unusual, but in a good way."

"Y-yeah, okay," Donghyuck nodded.

"Thanks for the meal, Hyuck. It was delicious," Jaemin put the lunchbox in front of the boy, who was still amazed by the presence of the basketball team's captain.

"Ah, pity you gave it to Jaemin. I went to buy that onigiri in the minimarket which tasted horrible because the tuna—"

"D-do you want me to make a lunchbox for you too?" Donghyuck asked. More like, he blurted it out because he seemed startled with it after.

Mark's eyes widened, "Are you serious?" When Donghyuck nodded, he chuckled, "I mean, yeah? Okay? If it's not a problem—"

"Please, I made four lunchboxes for my family every day, one addition is fine," Donghyuck cut him off with a big smile.

"Okay, then," Mark held his thumb up, "I'll go to your class tomorrow. Thanks, Donghyuck."

When both Mark and Jaemin sat back on their table, they could hear a group of people squealing.

"Someone is whipped," Lucas, a member of the basketball team, laughed.

"Oh, shush. My parents are out of the country again and I can't cook," Mark grabbed Jisung's mac n cheese and started to eat.

"If you're not older than me, Mark-hyung, you'll be as dead as a wagyu beef," Jisung snorted, "Why Donghyuck, though? Why not Huang Renjun? I would happily watch some drama, you know."

"What on earth are you talking about, boy?" Jeno laughed.

"Jaemin didn't tell you?"

Jaemin narrowed his eyes, "I didn't have anything to tell anybody."

"Not even your date with Renjun?" Jisung smirked mischievously.

As his teammates started to tease him, Jaemin frowned, "I didn't... What? Wait, am I missing out something?"

"Don't play dumb, hyung, I saw you with Renjun on the cafe—"

"Oh my God, and you didn't come inside? I was waiting for you and Chenle! I stood outside for half an hour before I met Renjun and we went to the cafe to warm ourself! God, you're unbelievable."

"So, it wasn't a date?" Jisung's eyes got widdened, "Chenle's going to kill me."

"What have you done, Jisung?" Jaemin asked, ready to explode.

"I... took a pic, sent it to Chenle, and," Jisung bit his lower lip, "We kinda... We kinda put it on our Snapchat."


"Renjun-ge! Please don't get mad at me, blame Jisung for it! I'm sorry, okay? Calm down, take a deep breath, don't freak out—"

"How can I not freak out when everybody in the hall keep talking about it! I was just there to keep him accompanied since he looked like he's frozen to death and... Ugh, I don't know why I said yes to his request! God!"

Renjun buried his face on the palm of his hands, while Chenle sat across from him. They were sitting in one of the library aisle, both speaking in Chinese so nobody would understand what they were talking about.

"I thought you don't like Na Jaemin?" Chenle asked, looking puzzled.

"He's annoying, but he's not that bad," Renjun lifted his face, "What are you trying to say, Chenle?"

"I found it amusing that you were willing to go to the cafe and stayed with him. You don't even say yes when I ask you to hang out."

A pang of guilty hit Renjun right on his chest, "I'm sorry, Chenle."

"No, that's not what I meant. You're starting to open up to Jaemin-hyung, ge. That's great. Believe me, he's a very nice person. I know so, since he's my neighbour. You should hang out with people other than me, and Jaemin-hyung is a great start."

"Chenle, you know I get irritated by people easily."

"Try not to, Renjun-ge. Jaemin is a great guy, at least don't be so cold and harsh towards him."

Written : March 19th 2018
Published : May 9th 2018

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