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"Stop smiling like an idiot, you're creepy," Jaemin slapped the back of Jisung's head with his towel.

"I'm not creepy, I'm kiyowo af," Jisung said as he typed away in his phone.

They just finished with their basketball practice that week, and Jaemin was sitting on the bleachers with Jisung. Jeno was still playing a round of three-on-three with the others, including Mark and Lucas.



"How do you ask a person out?"

Jaemin turned his head towards Jisung, "Who are you and what did you do to Jisungie?"

"I'm serious," Jisung didn't laugh nor smile. He acted like his life depended on this situation. Jaemin examined the boy next to him who, as the time passed, didn't look so much like a boy anymore.

"To be honest, Jisung, I don't know either," Jaemin sighed, "But I guess you just have to do it, face to face."

"You mean, speaking directly to the person? Not through KakaoTalk or Snapchat?"

"No, face to face."


"Did I fucking stutter?" Jaemin pinched the bridge of his nose, "Who are you trying to ask out, Jisung?"

"Ah," Jisung nervously scratched his hair, "That's still a secret."

"Come on, be honest with your hyung," Jaemin put an arm around the younger boy, "Who's the lucky person?"

"Not going to tell you, hyung."

"You put me and Renjun through hell, now answer my question."

Jisung laughed, "You guys did look like you were on a date."

"We were not."

"Did you wish it was a date, though, Jaemin-hyung?"

Jaemin froze, "Sometimes."

Jisung clicked his tongue, "I knew it."

"Hey, we were talking about you, Jisung, don't change the topic. Come on, who do you fancy? Donghyuck?"

"Ew, no, what the hell?" Jisung scrunched up his nose, "He's Mark-hyung's."

"Then, who is it? I swear to God, I'll ask Chenle to find out about it and-oh my, is it Chenle?" Jaemin saw a blush started to creep up to both of Jisung's cheeks.

"Holy. Cow," Jaemin's mouth went agape, "Seriously?"

"I don't know?" Jisung hid his face on his palm, "I mean, I keep thinking about him and everytime he laughed it just..."

Jaemin face-palmed at the memory of Chenle's iconic dolphin laugh.

"He's just magical," Jisung lift his head and smiled, "Chenle. He's something else."

Jaemin thought, Aigoo this kid had fallen too deep? Not very deep, but deep enough.

"Just say it to Chenle, then," Jaemin suggested, "I'm sure he won't say no."

"What if he says no? It will break our friendship."

"It won't. I tell you what, just say that you like him. Just a casual 'hahaha you're so nice I like you' kind of sayings. Let me know how he reacted to it."

"Alright, I'll do it tomorrow," Jisung nodded to himself, "Thanks, hyung. Anyway, what about you?"


"When are you going to ask Renjun-hyung out?"

Jaemin tilted his head to one side, "Renjun is... a complicated person. He's way more opened to me now, but I still cannot understand him completely. It takes time, Jisungie."

"But you will ask him out, right?"

Jaemin smiled, "If I have the courage to do so."

Written : March 20th 2018
Published : May 11th 2018
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