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"Hyung, you need to eat," Jisung pushed his own lunchbox, filled with kimbap, towards the stressed boy, "Just ignore them."

Jaemin let out a small smile before focusing back on his History notes.

"Be careful, Na! There might be a needle inside!" A guy who walked pass by their table snickered and laughed with his friends.

It had been a week after Jaemin passed out because he saw a needle. Turned out the whole school found out, and some thought that it was funny enough to joke about it.

"Let them be," Jeno patted his best friend's back and continued eating.

Jaemin knew his friends thought that he was all gloomy because of the people being annoying. Actually, he freaked out because the next day he would have History class, he had a test, and he had not studied yet.

History was fun, of course. When it comes to tests or quizzes, though, History was that one subject Jaemin couldn't excel.

"Oh, how I wished I could sleep for three days straight," Jaemin groaned and rubbed his eyes.

"Hyung? You're okay?" Jisung asked, stopped his fork halfway to his mouth.

"This damn subject is killing me," Jaemin sighed, "I'm going to skip Art, then. Jeno, please say to Mr. Dong that I'm at the school hospital, okay? I need to go to the library."

"Oh, okay," Jeno just shrugged as his friend gathered his belongings.

Jaemin had been in that school for a year, but he had never visited the library. He mainly searched up references and stuff for his homeworks on his computer at home. Even though their library was pretty big and had various collection of books.

He didn't even know why did he suddenly decide to go to the place. Maybe a part of him felt tired with the mockings, maybe.

Jaemin didn't say anything to the librarian in front, he just walked groggily to the History section. He was searching through the books when he heard a familiar voice.

"Jaemin-hyung! What are you doing here?" Chenle asked with a big smile.

"Hi, Chenle," Jaemin smiled, "I was going to study for my test."

"But the bell almost rings? The lunch break is going to be over soon," Chenle frowned at him, "Have I told you that you look tired?"

"I'm planning to skip the next period, and no, you have not. Thanks for noticing, though."

"Well, if you're going to skip class, why don't you join me and Renjun-ge? I'm helping him study for the upcoming National Economy Olympic."


"Yeah, I know, how cool is that?" Chenle chuckled, "Come on, hyung! We can study together."

Jaemin quickly grabbed a random book and followed Chenle to a table near the window.

Renjun looked like a Greek god, sitting there, showered by the sunlight. His bangs covered his forehead, eyes focused on the papers in front of him, and his hand moved fastly, jotting down who knows what with a pen. His lips parted, showing off his teeth.

Dear God, please let me live, Jaemin thought.

"Renjun-ge! Jaemin-hyung is going to join us today!" Chenle slammed his books on the table, "You've finished with the previous question?"

"Mhmm," Renjun hummed in response, his gaze didn't leave the papers.

"Well, okay, I got more books here, in case you need it," Chenle turned to Jaemin, "Hyung, you can sit there. I'll be right back."

Jaemin stared at the remaining seat in front of Renjun. He gulped and sat down, getting out his own History textbook and notes. After he took out all of it, he glanced at Renjun but the boy was still busy with his own thing. Jaemin sighed and started to study.

Minutes passed and Chenle returned, "Guys, I think I have to go, class is starting in a minute. I can't skip Math. Renjun-ge, you're good?"

Renjun sighed, "Sure."


Jaemin chuckled, "Of course I am. Now, go."

"Okay, then. I'll see you guys later!" Chenle made a peace sign and ran out, earning a scold from the librarian.

None of the boys said anything, they kept minding their own business. Jaemin couldn't control his heartbeat, though. He kept getting distracted by the boy sitting across from him.

"I don't mean to be rude, but if you're here just to stare at me then you better leave."

Written : March 16th 2018
Published : April 22nd 2018
I was supposed to publish this chapter at 6 pm KST but I had to attend church, and it's already 8.30 pm KST ish. Haha I'm sorry, my sister had a shift today.

Guys, I did the SM Global Audition yesterday, please pray for me / cross your fingers (if you don't believe in God). I really need this opportunity. Wish me luck :")


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