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"...!!" Sasuke gasped, frowning, as they all stopped when they heard the echoes of a blood-curdling scream in the forest.

'Sounds like... it's started...' April thought, furrowing her brow.

"That was... a human scream, right?" Sakura asked, trying to keep her voice steady. "I'm... getting a little nervous."

"This... This is nothing, Sakura-chan," Naruto said, trying to reassure her.

"No, it isn't. From now on, we need to be on guard... or we'll be next," April said grimly. "So, a little nervousness right now is a good thing, Sakura-chan. It'll help keep you on edge. It's important that we don't forget the danger we're in."

"That's right... We need to stay focused," Sasuke agreed.

"R-Right!" Sakura said nervously. "Of course... It's just as Sasuke-kun says!"

April was kind of tempted for half a second to point out that he was only backing up what she had already said, but decided it would pointless since Sakura's hearing always became incredibly selective around Sasuke, and she wouldn't care either way.

"..." Naruto was uncharacteristically quiet.

April frowned slightly with concern. 'I wonder if I said to much...?'

"I've... got to take a piss...." Naruto said abruptly, completely blowing her worries away, as he turned around to pee on a bush right in front of them.

"!!" Sakura flinched in shock, while April calmly turned her back to him for a small measure of privacy, deciding to focus her attention on their surroundings instead. Sakura was not so forgiving.

"Ouch!!!" Naruto cried when she gave him a good wallop from behind before he could finish unzipping his fly.

"What are you doing in front of a lady!!! Do that in the bushes!!" she shouted incredulously. 'It would be okay if it was Sasuke-kun, hehehehe,' Inner Sakura giggled, blushing at the idea.

"Well, I know how you feel, Sakura-chan..." April said, turning her attention back to her teammates. "But I think it would be better if we stayed together..."

"No way!!!" Sakura protested sternly, refusing to budge on this issue. "Go find another bush somewhere I can't see you!!" she shouted at Naruto, shaking her fist to send him running.

"..." April sighed. Didn't she just finish telling them to be mindful of the danger they were in? She had a bad feeling about this whole situation. "Maybe you should go with him, Sasuke-kun...?" she suggested, hoping he wouldn't argue. They really shouldn't be going anywhere on their own right now.

"What? Why does Sasuke-kun have to!?" Sakura asked, ready to jump to his defense.

"... That might not be a bad idea," Sasuke said. He wouldn't put it past Naruto to go and get himself attacked by an enemy while he had his pants down.

"!?" Sakura was surprised. Normally Sasuke wanted as little to do with Naruto as possible.

Sasuke was about to go after Naruto, when he suddenly came hurrying back to them.

"Man!! So much came out!!" their noisy teammate announced with a grin. "I feel great now!!"

"!" Sakura gasped, appalled that he made her listen to something like that. She didn't want to know about how much he peed!

April and Sasuke immediately frowned and furrowed their brows.

Sakura raised her fist in anger, threatening to clobber him again. "I said not in front of a lady and...!!!" She was startled when Sasuke cut her rant short by hitting Naruto with a blow powerful enough to send him flying. "!!" Sakura gasped as Naruto slammed into a tree. 'Huh!?' she thought. Her confusion deepened when she saw the cold expression on April's face while she watched Naruto push himself up into a sitting position. "Sasuke-kun, you didn't have to go that far... April, why aren't you..."

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