Gotta Know!

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"Hmm..." Naruto furrowed his brow. Something April said earlier had been bugging him the whole way home. They really didn't know anything about Kakashi-sensei... For starters, they didn't even know what that face of his looked like, since he was always hiding it behind that mask... They had lived together for three whole weeks at Tazuna-san's house, and somehow they still hadn't been able to catch a glimpse of it! "Hey, don't you want to see it?" Naruto he asked his teammates as soon as the mysterious teacher in question had left to turn in the mission report. "I think it's about time..."

"See what?" Sasuke asked, furrowing his brow in annoyance as they all glanced back at him, wondering what he was going on about.

"What? Isn't it obvious?" Naruto said disdainfully, as if it should have been. "Kakashi-sensei's... real face!!" he exclaimed, pulling out a flashlight and clicking it on to illuminate his face in a really dramatic and creepy way as he leaned in close to the girls. Unfortunately, this really backfired on him, because Sakura was so startled that she whacked him upside the head.

"What do you think you're doing!?" she demanded incredulously as a vein throbbed on her forehead.

"Naruto..." April said, clasping his hands in hers. "I really like the way you think!!" she told him with a serious gleam in her eye, looking totally fired up. She was really curious about that as well!

"Hmph. Ridiculous," Sasuke huffed as he turned away. "I'm not interested. We've finished our mission for today, so let's go home," he said coolly as he started to walk away without so much as a backward glance.

"Hehe, you're right!" Sakura agreed with him, blushing slightly as she smiled, though it looked a little forced. 'Eh? It seems so interesting, too...' she thought, disappointed that he wasn't going to participate.

"Maybe he has thick lips?" Naruto suggested behind his hand, loud enough for Sasuke to hear.

"!" Sasuke froze mid step as an image of Kakashi with a huge pair of blimp lips flashed in his mind.

'He's totally wavering...' April thought with a wry smile, sweat-dropping. She was pretty sure Kakashi-sensei had a normal face, though... At least, that's what she was hoping...

'Just a little more...' Naruto thought with a smirk. "Or maybe he has buckteeth?" he said aloud. Sasuke went stiff, bristling slightly, as he was hit by an image of Kakashi with a pair of comically huge buckteeth sticking out of his mouth. A devious grin spread across Naruto's face. Got him.

"But it's really unusual..." Kakashi remarked as the five of them sat at the bar of Ichiraku, waiting to be served. "For all four of you to treat me." For some reason, his students had waylaid him on his way out of the Hokage's office and insisted on dragging him over there. "What's the occasion?" he asked. "It's not going to snow or something, is it? Come on, you guys are scheming something, right?" Did they think he was born yesterday?

"!" Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura flinched a little in surprise, but April kept her cool. She had expected he might react that way, since it really was unusual.

"W-What are you talking about!?" Naruto stammered nervously.

"Please, Sensei! You're always looking out for us, so we thought we'd do something nice for you, too," April said smoothly with an angelic smile plastered on her face, the very picture of innocence.

'How frightening...' Naruto and Sasuke thought as they watched. There wasn't a hint of guilt or deception on her face or in her voice. Girls were kind of scary... Who knew April could be so duplicitous?

"Th-That's right!" Sakura said, recovering quickly. 'Nice one, April-chan!' she thought. "Eat up, Sensei!"

"I see," Kakashi said. With the others acting so nervous, April was looking a little too innocent over there, but if they insisted... "Then, I think I will." The aroma of the cooking food was mouthwatering.

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