Two Down

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It had all happened so fast, that before the four genins even had time to register what had just occurred, what was left of their teacher was already hitting the ground with a sickening thud.

"Kyaa!!!" Sakura screamed as April furrowed her brow and gritted her teeth.

"Ka...!!! Kakashi-sensei!!!" Naruto yelled, breaking out in a cold sweat, too horrified by what he had just seen to move.

"!!!" April gasped in alarm when the enemy made their next move.

"Two down," the Mist ninjas said ominously as they reappeared behind Naruto, preparing to loop their chain around him next. April and Sasuke immediately sprang into action. Securing the chain would not only save Naruto, but it should keep them from moving right away since it was attached to those gauntlets on their arms. She launched herself into the air as she drew a shuriken and kunai, throwing the shuriken to pin the chain to the tree before they could pull it taught, followed by the kunai through the hole in her shuriken to make sure it stayed secure and wouldn't be pulled loose.

"!!" the enemy ninjas gasped in surprise and alarm.

'I'm stuck!' one of them realized when he tried and failed to yank the chain back as Sasuke landed on their arms and took advantage of their immobility to throw his legs out behind him while holding onto the gauntlets and deliver swift and powerful kicks to both of their heads simultaneously. Sasuke then pushed himself forward to move out of the way as April came back down and slammed the heels of her feet into their  locked elbows with enough force to break their joints.

'W... Wow!!' Naruto thought, stunned, as the enemy grunted in pain. As April pushed up off them into a flip, the mist ninjas quickly released their gauntlets from the chain so they could get away before any further damage could be done.

"!" April said, furrowing her brow when they suddenly shot back away from her and Sasuke. The arms wielding their main weapons, the gauntlets, had been rendered useless, so the mist ninjas each pulled out a wicked looking kunai. "Move your ass, Naruto!!!" she shouted while she was still in the air, throwing more kunais at them.

"Uwaa!!!" Naruto yelled in surprise and alarm when the two ninjas easily deflected her attack this time and flew straight past him, making a beeline for Tazuna.

"!!" Sakura and the old man gasped in alarm.

'He's coming...!!'  Sakura thought, breaking out into a nervous sweat as they headed straight for their client. She was the closest one. 'I have to do it!!' "Sir, get back!" she shouted as she threw herself between Tazuna and his attackers, gripping a kunai tightly in her sweaty hands.

"!!" Tazuna exclaimed with wide eyes as Sasuke and April whipped their heads around and saw the trouble they were in. The moment her feet touched the ground, April took off like a shot after him, and the two genins just barely managed to slide in between them and the enemy to form a shield as the two ninjas thrust their kunais forward to attack. April braced herself for impact, but it never came. At the last moment, a flash of silver, green, and navy swooped in and pulled the enemy back.

"!!" everyone gasped.

"Guah!!" the two enemy ninjas cried out in pain as Kakashi clotheslined them and used the crook of his bent arms to choke them unconscious in one swift and fluid attack.

"Yo," their fully intact teacher greeted them calmly. Naruto just stared at him, stunned.

'Thank God...!!' April thought with a huge sigh of relief. 'We've been saved!'

'Kakashi-sensei's... alive!?' Sakura thought, feeling immensely relieved. The way he saved them was so cool!

'Tch. Show off...' Sasuke thought, unimpressed.

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