The Uchiha Blood!

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Everyone watched in amazement while Sasuke shadowed Yoroi in the air.

"It's over," Sasuke told him, placing two fingers against his spine.

"Ugh... Leaf Shadow Dance...!" Yoroi exclaimed.

"Take this!" Sasuke said, preparing to transition into his next move.

"!" Naruto and Sakura gasped, recognizing the technique as the one Lee used to defeat him.

Hayate watched from the ground, observing them carefully.

"!!" Sasuke gasped when the effects of the burning cursed mark intensified, and he coughed up blood. 'Damn it...!!'  he thought, cringing at the way his veins throbbed and his muscles screamed at him. "Arg..." he groaned from the pain as the black marks began to spread. 'It's reacting again...!' He didn't think using that small amount chakra would take such a huge toll!

"..." Orochimaru studied him eagerly, waiting to witness its full effects for himself.

'Ugh...' Sasuke's eyes widened as the black marks traveled across his face to cover his left one.

"!!" Anko gasped in alarm, while the Hokage instantly went on the alert when they saw them.

'This is bad...!! He's about to lose it again!!!' April thought, disturbed when she saw the state he was in. "Get it together, Sasuke!!!!" she yelled anxiously.

Sasuke gritted his teeth, squeezing his eyes shut as her words reverberated in his brain.

"Please... Please, stop..." He heard Sakura begging him to quit and saw her crying face again.

"You Bastard! Stop acting all cool, idiot!" Naruto scolded him.

"Get it together!!!" April's voice echoed again.

'Heh... Having them worry about me...' Sasuke thought, gritting his teeth harder. '... I can't... I can't let this thing...'

'Is this the end...?' Kakashi thought, furrowing his brow, preparing to intervene.

'Control me!' Sasuke decided with determination, opening his eyes wide as he willed the painful marks to recede.

"!!" Orochimaru said, scowling while he watched the cursed seal retreat back into itself.

"!" Kakashi gasped, astonished.

'....!!' Anko's eyes widened as she furrowed her brow, bewildered by the unexpected turn of events. 'The curse is returning!?'

Sasuke smirked. "Here it comes," he told his opponent.

"!!" Yoroi said when he felt Sasuke flatten his hand against his back, wincing at the pressure exerted on his spine as he pushed off. "Gu...!!" he gasped in alarm when Sasuke used the motion to spin himself around to deliver a swift kick. He quickly moved his closest arm to block the attack. "Heh... Not enough!!" he told the Uchiha with a smirk.

Sasuke gritted his teeth again and retracted his leg, spinning around in the opposite direction.

"!" Yoroi gasped.

"... Not enough," Kakashi remarked. That weak defense was nowhere near enough to stop Sasuke now.

Sasuke finished spinning, landing a hard blow to Yoroi's face.

"Guaa!!" Yoroi groaned in pain, his body falling headfirst toward the ground.

But Sasuke wasn't done. He delivered another attack to Yoroi's abdomen to increase his speed.

"Guu!!" Yoroi grunted, only a couple of feet from the floor.

"There's more!!" Sasuke yelled, spinning back around to deliver another kick, slamming his opponent's body into the ground.

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