The Whisper of Demons...!?

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"The exam will last one hour," Ibiki informed the genins grimly, signaling that he was ready to start. "Ok... Begin!!" he ordered, creating a flurry of turning papers.

'This could be very, very, very bad... Naruto...' Sakura thought nervously, worried his test score would render hers and everyone else's useless. 'Just, please, don't get zero points,' she begged silently.

"Heh..." Naruto laughed. 'Hehehe... This is nothing,' he told himself, gripping his forehead protector. 'I've survived through dangerous situations numerous times... I can't fail here. In times like this, you just have to calm down... relax...' He hummed to himself while he looked over the questions, remembering the tip April and Iruka-sensei gave him to always read the whole thing first instead of focusing on the first question he saw, because some might be easier than others. It had actually been pretty helpful back in the academy... 'Calmly read each question, find one you can answer, and focus your mind on it...'

"..." Sasuke frowned when he saw how twitchy Naruto was from across the room. 'Damn... This is bad...' he thought, furrowing his brow and biting his thumb while he played with his pencil. 'Looks like Naruto's already freaking out!'

"First question is a cryptogram. Okay, let's do it!!" Naruto mused aloud with a smile, trying to calm himself down. He moved his pencil to write and looked at the complex code "..." He froze. 'Next!!' he thought, quickly skipping forward before he gave himself an aneurysm in the desperate hope the following question would be something easy.

'Is Naruto going to be alright?' Sakura wondered, sweat-dropping while she watched him. She looked back at her own paper. 'I have to worry about myself... I need to get us points here...' she reminded herself. It wouldn't matter what Naruto did if she was too busy worrying about him to pass. 'Hmm... No. 2,' she read, continuing on to the second problem, 'Line B, seen in the picture, is the greatest possible distance a shinobi... can throw his shuriken from a tree of 7 meters. For enemies who appear within the circumference of the shuriken's range, explain the attack options using this distance. Show your work.' Sakura's eyes widened. 'This is a very complicated question that requires a high amount of both book smarts and experience... There's no way Naruto can answer this...' she thought, alarmed. 'Actually, almost no one here will be able to... though I can...'

Naruto's expression mirrored his inner turmoil, becoming increasingly more stressed the farther down the paper he went.

'Heh,' Sasuke thought, smirking ruefully while reading through the questions.

Naruto's lips puckered like a fish, and he paled, sweating buckets of bullets.

'Hehe... I see... I can't... answer a single one of these...' Sasuke thought, also starting to sweat. 'Plus... what's with question 10?'

Question 10
This question will be revealed 45 minutes after the test begins. Listen to the examiner closely before answering.

Sasuke looked up again to glance in April's direction and was surprised to see that her pencil was already moving at a steady pace.

April had also been surprised when she scanned the paper in front of her and saw the types of questions that were on the test, but she quickly regained control of herself and reviewed what she knew so far.

Chūnin Selection Exam, Test #1 Rules:
1. Test takers start off holding a perfect score of 10 points. The test consists of 10 questions and 1 point is deducted from the initial total for every question answered incorrectly.
2. The test is a team event, meaning that passing or failing is determined by the total of combining each team member's personal score.
3. Those caught cheating will lose 2 points for each offense.
4. Those who lose all their points during the exam (through cheating) and those who fail to answer any questions correctly will fail along with their teammates.

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