The Worst Match Up

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Team 7 was walking along and minding their own business when someone called out from walkway on the level above them.

"Hey, you, with the dark eyes," Rock Lee said, addressing Sasuke.

"!" they all said as they stopped and turned to face him, a bit surprised by the sudden call out. April wondered how he had gotten up there without them noticing.

"Ack!!" Sakura exclaimed, rearing back at her new admirer's reappearance.

"What is it?" Sasuke asked calmly.

"Will you... fight me right here?" Lee asked.

"A fight, right now?" Sasuke asked, furrowing his brow slightly.

"Yes," Lee answered seriously with a nod of his head before jumping over the railing to join them on their level. "My name is Rock Lee. When you want to learn a person's name, you introduce yourself first, right? Sasuke Uchiha-kun..."

"Heh, so you know?" Sasuke said, a little surprised, though he didn't show it.

'Were the Uchihas really that great?' April wondered, glancing between them. She had heard a little bit about the tragedy that happened several years ago when they were all wiped out except for Sasuke, but she didn't know much else about them. She had been focusing more on catching up to the present than the past after coming to this world, so she only had a very broad and vague understanding of its history. Maybe she should start putting more effort into correcting that...

"I want to fight you," Rock Lee stated, taking up a fighting stance. "I want to test my techniques... against a descendent of the genius ninja clan."

'This guy...!' April thought, smirking slightly. His stance was nice and solid, but still flexible enough so that he could move at any time from any direction. He was obviously a master.

"Plus..." Lee said, blushing, as his eyes landed on Sakura.

"!" Sakura gasped taken aback. What did he want now? Lee stared at her for a moment longer and winked. "Ewww!!!" Sakura cried, reeling back as she cringed, so repulsed that she looked like she was on the verge of having some kind of allergic reaction. "Those lower eyelashes are—EWWW!!!" she yelled, rejecting him with her entire being. "Hairstyle is lame... and those thick eyebrows..." she muttered, shuddering from head to toe.

"..." April and the boys said as they watched, sweat-dropping. Did she really have to be so harsh? It was just a wink. It's not like he was—

"Mwah! You are an angel!!" Lee told Sakura, blowing her a kiss.

"!!!" Both girls gasped, startled when his kiss manifested as a little pink heart, floating towards Sakura. What the...!?

"KYAAA!!!" Sakura screamed, ducking so low in her desperation to avoid the unwanted love attack as she bent over backwards, that she hit her head on the floor with a nice thud. 'That was close...' Sakura thought as it flew by and hit the column behind her.

'Okay, that was really... weird...' April thought, sweat-dropping again. In this case, she felt Sakura's freaked out reaction had been completely justified. Was that some kind of genjutsu? Since when could kisses physically manifest themselves like that?

"Hey, don't throw weird things!!" Sakura snapped angrily at Lee as she straightened back up again. "I barely escaped with my life!"

"You don't have to be that mean..." Lee said, pouting a little. He didn't understand. According to Guy-sensei, the ladies couldn't resist these smooth moves. As expected of the girl he liked, she must be too strong for them!

'God damn it!!! Always Sasuke!!!' Naruto thought angrily, clenching his fist as a vein throbbed on his forehead.

'Uh-oh...' April thought, noticing that his temper was about to reach critical mass. 'Now we've got two ticking time-bombs,' she thought a little warily, glancing sideways at Sasuke, whom she could tell was now itching for a fight despite his pokerface.

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