An Important Person

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"!!" Kakashi gasped when he felt the intense chakra that had suddenly exploded onto the scene. '... Is that Zabuza?' he wondered, furrowing his brow. 'No!! This terrible chakra...' he thought, alarmed when he asked recognized it, breaking out into a nervous sweat. This was the same feeling he had back then, when the nine-tails attacked the village years ago. '... It can't be...!!'

'What's this chakra... Something's not right...' Zabuza thought, furrowing his brow. 'Kakashi? No, it's too strong to be his!?'

'Naruto...!!! This is bad...' Kakashi thought, getting anxious. 'Could the... seal have been broken!?' he wondered as the crease in his brow deepened. Kakashi took a moment to focus more on the chakra. '... This feeling...! It's all right! It hasn't completely broken!' he realized, somewhat relieved. 'But the seal is weakening, and the nine-tails' chakra is bursting out!!!' He quickly whipped out a scroll and dabbed his thumb with blood from his open wound, smearing it on the scroll as he pulled it open to activate it. 'There's still time if I do it now!!' he thought urgently. "Zabuza... can you hear me?" he asked aloud. "Neither of us has time to waste... This might not suit your style, but let's end the fun..." He spun the scroll around, rolling it back up. "And finish this now!" Kakashi clapped his hands around the closed scroll, forming a seal.

"Hmph... Sounds interesting." Zabuza's voice echoed through the thick mist. "What can you do in this situation? Kakashi, show me!!"

"Wait... This chakra may be the fox's, but that anger in his eyes is definitely Naruto's...' April thought worriedly. Still, it was dangerous to stay there. The fox's qi was terrible... It was so powerful that it made the very air sting, pricking her skin. Every instinct was telling her to get out of there. April didn't want to leave Naruto, but she knew what she had to do. With the way things were going, if she wanted to help Naruto... the best thing she could do was to get out of his way! April furrowed her brow and grabbed Sasuke, making a run for the opening she had made, while Naruto charged at Haku.

'Here he comes!!' Haku thought, getting ready to attack. 'What killer intent!! He's totally different from before!!' Haku swiftly threw his needles, aiming for the attacking boy. Naruto let out a roar, releasing more chakra. The needles appeared to hit an invisible wall and were sent flying away in the opposite direction before they could reach him. 'What!? He deflected them with chakra!!' Haku thought, startled. In that case...! Haku tried diving at him for his next attack, but Naruto punched the ground and pushed, spinning up and out of harm's way just in the nick of time. 'Damn! Gotta get to the next mirror!' Haku thought as Naruto landed, skidding to a stop. "!!" Haku gasped in alarm when he was stopped before this could happen. Somehow Naruto had managed to close the distance between them and grab his wrist. 'No way!!' he exclaimed silently in disbelief, shocked by the boy's speed.

"UWOOOOO!!" Naruto roared fiercely as he released another wave of energy. The pressure was so intense that several of the mirrors began to crack.

"!" Haku gasped as he formed a seal to gather his own chakra before he was completely overwhelmed. 'Damn, I can't push back this ki...!!' Haku winced in pain as Naruto tightened his grip, coming dangerously close to crushing the bone in his wrist. "Ergh...!" Naruto clenched his free hand into a fist. "!!" Haku exclaimed in alarm. He saw it coming but could do nothing against it. Naruto's powerful punch collided with his masked face with so much force that it ripped Haku free from his vice-like grip and sent him crashing all the way through the nearest mirror, demolishing it in one blow. April watched in stunned amazement as Haku slid across the ground outside the mirrors from a safe distance, still holding onto Sasuke. From her perspective, the battle seemed to have ended the instant after she retreated. As Haku slid to a stop, a deep crack began to spread through his mask, and the rest of the ice mirrors shattered and fell to the ground around Naruto in fragments. It was over. His jutsu had been completely and utterly defeated. 'Zabuza-san...' Haku thought as he forced himself back on his feet as Naruto came charging at him finish him off. 'I cannot...' part of his mask fell from his face. 'Defeat this boy....' The other half began to fall as Naruto leaped into the air. 'Zabuza-san...' Haku thought as his true face was fully revealed at last.

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