It's Over

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"You appear to be Sharingan Kakashi..." Zabuza said. "Sorry, but the old man is mine."

'Huh? Sharingan?' April thought, frowning slightly in confusion. 'It sounds like they've both heard about each other before... Could it be they're both actually really famous?'

'Sharingan? What the hell is that!!?' Naruto wondered, furrowing his brow.

"?" Sakura said, also puzzled, while Tazuna gasped as if he recognized the name.

'Sharingan!?' Sasuke thought, eyes wide with surprise. No way... It couldn't be...!!

"Surround and protect Tazuna-san," Kakashi ordered his students calmly. "Do not enter the fight. That's the teamwork here," he added firmly before addressing the enemy. "Zabuza, first..."

"!!!" Naruto gasped as Kakashi pushed his forehead protector up and opened his previously hidden eye, which was a vivid crimson red with three tiny black tomoe around the pupil. Unlike the others, who were further behind, he could see everything.

"... Fight me," their teacher finished determinedly, glaring up at the dangerous missing-nin with both eyes.

'What's with... that eye?' Naruto wondered a little nervously. And why was there a scar over the skin on that side of his face?

"Ah... I already get to see the famous Sharingan," Zabuza remarked. "I'm honored."

"Sharingan!! Sharingan!! What the hell is it?" Naruto demanded, tired of feeling left out of the loop.

"... Sharingan..." Sasuke said lowly. "It is said that some have the ability in their eyes to read and defeat all types of gen, tai, and ninjutsu. That Sharingan is one of the types of pupils that gives you this power," he explained.

'Oh, so it's a dōjutsu,' April thought. She remembered reading about that somewhere before... She glanced at Kakashi. 'But then, why does he only have it one eye...?'

"But that's not the only ability the Sharingan has," Sasuke added.

"Huh?" Naruto said.

"Hehe, exactly," Zabuza said with a hint of dark humor. "What's even scarier, is that Sharingan can be used to copy your opponent's techniques once you see them."

'So that's why he called Kakashi-sensei the 'Copy Ninja'...' April thought.

"When I was a member of the Hidden Mist's assassination squad, your info was listed in the Bingo book I carried," Zabuza continued. As he spoke, the mist around them thickened. "And this is what it said... The man who has copied over a 1,000 jutsu techniques, Kakashi the Copy Ninja."

'Over 1,000 techniques!? That's awesome!! But, this is bad...' April thought, furrowing her brow, as Kakashi and Zabuza exchanged glares. 'If he already knows about Sensei's jutsu, then unless Sensei knows more about him, it puts him at a serious disadvantage.'

'What's going on? First that old Hokage and now this sensei... I had no idea they were this great,' Sakura thought, surprised and amazed.

"A-Amazing!!!" Naruto exclaimed, extremely impressed.

'... What's going on?' Sasuke wondered, furrowing his brow. 'I don't understand... The Sharingan is a special physical condition that only appears in a select few members of the Uchiha clan. Could it be he...?'

"Now, let's cut the chit-chat," Zabuza said, lowering himself into a crouching position. "I have to kill that old man."

"!!" Tazuna gasped in alarm as the young genins quickly moved in to surround him protectively on all sides while their teacher stood his ground. They each had a kunai in their hands, with Sasuke guarding the front, Sakura and Naruto on the sides, and April taking care of the back in case he tried to sneak up on them from behind.

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