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HIS CHOSEN GIRL(II)❥ Chapter One, The Girl Who Ate Ice CreamYour P

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Chapter One, The Girl Who Ate Ice Cream
Your P.O.V

"Eleven inch...Aspen,unicorn hair," Ollivander pondered as he watched the young student frantically place the third failed wand back in it's box.

"On it," I replied dropping the broom and dustpan thus pausing my sweeping of the now broken antique lamp from the soon-to-be first year's second failed attempt at buying her first wand.

I ran to the opposite end of the store and fairly quickly at that, not that it was hard in the tiny shop I had grown quite accustomed to. I jumped onto the infamous rolling ladder and grabbed a narrow red box that listed the characteristics Ollivander had asked for.

"Here you go," I say placing the box onto the counter and flashing a warm smile to the anxious girl on the other side as I tried to ignore the feeling of her eyes staring through me.

"Thank you my dear," Ollivander said as he removed the wand from the box and handed it to the child.

"Just doing my job," I reply.

She took the wand and raised her arm to give it a wave. Ollivander and I took a synchronized step back neither of us wanting to end up like the lamp I had just swept up. Luckily for everyone, she had her magical moment just as I had experienced three years prior, when I was given my wand.

"What say you we lock up early and go to Florean Fortescue's for some ice cream?" He asks as the girl searches her bag for some gold coins.

"I'd say absolutely! I'm like two flavors away from trying out every flavor on their menu."

Ollivander smiles at me before nodding his head. "I'm so proud. Let me go grab some money quickly, we may as well get some school shopping out of the way. You'll finish up here?"

"Yep," I answer turning back to the girl who holds her hand out patiently.

"Oops sorry," I say quickly collecting her money before giving the wand one final inspection and placing it into the box. "So are you exited to go to Hogwarts?"

She nods slowly before following it up with a quick shake of her head.

"No?" I ask to which she nods in confirmation.

"Well first years are always a little shy about it.  I can assure you it's a brilliant school, you'll have the time of your life," I say trying to offer support.

"It's not that," she speaks for the first time since entering the shop. "I'm psychic."

I can't help the smirk that appears onto my face. "Really?"


How truly scared she was made me think that maybe she was serious. There was still so much I had yet to discover about this world despite spending the whole summer here. If there are wizards, who's to say there aren't psychics.

"Well did you see something that frightened you?" I ask leaning forward on the counter intrigued.

She nods again.

"Will you tell me?" I ask.

She hesitatingly takes a step forward. "He's back," she whispers after about a minute.

I get a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach and despite already knowing the answer I ask, "Who?"


The sinking feeling quickly turns into a black hole as I feel myself going lightheaded. I notice the girl looking at me for a response so I clear my throat and flash the most believable smile I can manage. "You're probably mistaken. That's impossible, you shouldn't need to worry. Besides, Hogwarts is the safest place on earth."

She nods although I know she doesn't believe me and turns to exit the door. She opens it then closes it again and runs back up to the counter.

"I'm one of my visions, I saw you," She says avoiding eye contact. "You were with that boy, the famous one."

The black hole intensifies.

"Harry Potter," I say immediately and she nods. "What happens to him?"

"It's not what happens to him, it's what happens to you."

Before I can speak Ollivander returns to the shop with his ever present smile on his face. "You ready to go, (y/n)?"

"Yes," I reply grasping onto the counter for support. "I was just wishing..." I gesture to the girl as she hasn't told me her name.

"Sara," she says.

"Yes, I was just wishing Sara a good year at Hogwarts. And that she shouldn't be worried. It's going to be a great year," I say looking specifically at Sara for the last part.

She nods and thanks us for the wand before scurrying out of the shop.

Ollivander follows but turns back when he sees that I'm not following. "Well come on," He says.

I flash him my best smile and follow him out of the shop, the fear of everything the girl just said at the back of my head not allowing me to forget it.

It probably isn't even true. I'm worrying myself for nothing. She just wanted a reaction from me and she got it so, I should just stop worrying about it already.

He hands me my ice cream and I offer a real smile this time. "Thank you, papa."

"You're quite welcome my dear."

And so the two of us sit and I push the negative thoughts out of my head and think about the incredible summer I spent with my papa, which is what we settled on after he expressed how old he felt when I called him 'grandfather'. It truly was one hell of a summer and I'll be horribly homesick of this place.

Of Ollivanders cozy home on top of the wand shop, and playing cards every morning while eating his infamous pancakes. I'd miss him teaching me about Quidditch and requesting that I try out for the team and that I'd be the star of the show despite the fact that he's never even seen me on a broom. I'd miss our late night talks catching each other up on what we've missed those past fourteen years. I'd miss helping out around the shop and most importantly, I'd miss him.

So as we sat eating our ice cream and telling stupid jokes, I really did push those thoughts out of my mind. I decided I'd tell Ollivander, I couldn't keep anything from him. Not today though. Today we'll just eat our ice cream and enjoy each other's presence.

And that we did...Ice cream really does make everything better.
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i'm in love with their relationship for real.

i hope you all enjoyed the first chapter of his chosen girl i'm really exited for you all to see what i have planned it's going to be fantastic!!!

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