Shower- Minilan

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Alright, alright, I know this isn't completely a Pack ship but I like it. It's cute.

Lachlan's P.O.V.

I yawned, squinting as I rolled over in bed. My phone read 10:33, not too early considering I had gone to bed at roughly 2am, and was still exhausted because of the long day of editing the day before.

Placing my feet on the ground I ran my hand through my hair, my bare chest starting to get cold in the cool air. I grabbed a t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants from my suitcase, which was lying on the floor near the door and opened my door, the bathroom being down the hallway.

I was staying in London for a couple of weeks, mostly just to catch up with the boys and I was staying in my own room, much to the disappointment of Simon. We hadn't told anyone about our relationship because I wasn't comfortable with anyone knowing quite yet, so we kept it a secret. Our relationship was almost a year strong, our first anniversary coming up in just under a month.

Just as I stepped outside my room, shirtless mind you, Simon stepped out of his room on the opposite side of the bathroom and looked straight up at me. He was also holding a change of clothes and I immediately knew that he was heading for a shower too.

I groaned, knowing that he was going to get there first, but to my surprise he stopped just outside the bathroom, motioning for me to come over.

"I'd feel mean taking a shower first, so I guess we're sharing now." I smiled, looking around the hallway before kissing him gently and stepping into the bathroom.

Simon stepped towards the shower first, turning the water on and then pulled his shirt off, moving towards me and placing his hand on the back of my neck. I leaned down, resting my head on Simon's shoulder and allowing him to run his hand up and down my back, kissing me gently on my lips.

"The water's warm now, come on." I didn't move for a couple of seconds until Simon moved for me and tugged his boxers off and then did the same for me. I rubbed my eyes, allowing Simon to tug on my hand and then he pulled me into the shower.

I sighed as the hot water ran over my back, my hair falling into my face as it was slicked back by the water. Simon tilted his head back as he was a tiny bit shorter than me, less than half an inch, but it meant that his lips were a little lower than my own and he had to stand up a little to reach me.

"I know you're going back to Australia soon Lachy..." I froze up.

With a nod I turned my head to the ground, feeling choked up. I kept putting off going home to stay with the boys, Simon in particular and I wanted to stay there, stay with Simon.

"Hey, it's okay." He turned my head towards him with his hand on my cheek. "I know you don't want to go back."

I rested my head on his shoulder, feeling him start to rock from side to side in the downpour of the water.

I felt Simon's hand reach down and squeeze my bum, causing me to squeak and pull away, my back pushed flat against the wall of the shower. He reached his hand out to my face and I pulled back again.

He knew that I refused any sexual contact for reasons I hadn't actually told him, reasons that I kept private. I knew that I was asexual and totally sex disgusted but I didn't tell anyone, knowing from the reactions I had previously gotten that 'it's just a phase' 'you have to have sex' and my absolute favourite 'asexual isn't a sexuality.'

"Sorry Lachy..." He pulled his hand back from my face and then stepped back, allowing me to pull away from the cold glass.

I actually turned to push the shower door open but Simon grabbed my hand, pulling me back.

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