Chapter 4: Locked Door

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Whenever I look at you, I forget what everything I was going to say.


'You're not dressed.' Brenda gapes when she shows up at my door in the evening.

I look down at my paint splatter shorts and green tank top.

'The party starts by eight.' I frown taking in her short skirt, sequined blouse and strap sandals. Smoky eyes and perfectly curled hair finishes her look.

She looks great.

I bit my lower lip. I hope I have something that can pass for an appropriate party dress.

'It's 8:30.' She counters.

'What? That can't be...' I trail off.

I quickly glance at the wall clock which confirms her story.

'It can.' She states, shoving past me into the apartment.

'I didn't realize it was late. I was working on a painting in the studio. I set a reminder on my phone.' I explain.

'You must have missed it.' She says, herding me into my room.

'You have to get dressed pronto. I'll do something with your hair. Nice but fast.' She says stopping just short of shoving me into the closet.

I can tell she wants to though.

'Okay.' I nod, heading to my closet.

Appeased I'm taking this seriously enough, she returns to the foyer.

Why did I agree to go to this party anyway?

'If you aren't done in ten minutes, I'm coming in after you!' She yells.

I have no doubt that she will.

Scanning my options, I pull out a tight fitting grey dress with a low neckline and some workman boots.

I quickly pull it on and head out for Brenda's appraisal before she comes after me with a sharpened pitchfork.

'So, what do you think?' I grin, doing a little twirl for her.

'You don't plan on wearing those shoes, right?' She asks with a frown.

'Uh.... N-n-not anymore?' I say unsurely, glancing at my boots.

'Good answer.' She replies, beaming.

I guess the boots have to go then.

'My hair.' I prompt.

'On it.' She declares, as we head back to my bedroom.

'Sit.' She orders and I sit at the edge of my bed.

She pulls my hair off my shoulders and fiddles with it for a while. It's like she's giving me a scalp massage even though she's not touching my scalp.

I just love the feeling of someone playing with my hair.

Pulling a hair clip studded with a single pearl out of her purse, she inserts it in my hair to hold it up.

'All done.' She declares.

I look at my reflection in the mirror.

I look good. Maybe not as great as Brenda but at least I don't look unfortunate.

'Thanks.' I smile at her.

'You're welcome.' She smiles back.

'Now lets go!' She yells.

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