Chapter 7

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I drink him in. From his deliciously defined chest to the slim tapered waist to his six abs with the additional two extras to the v of his waist.

"Must not look lower." I chant the mantra in my head.

"Must not look lower."

"Must not look lower."

"Must not look low--"

'You ready for bed?' He smirks.

And I look lower. Shit!


I gulp in much needed air and my face heats up. I don't need a mirror to know I'm redder than a tomato.

The flimsy material of his pajama pants hangs loosely on his body. The outline is visible. I try not to ogle.

I fail spectacularly.

Is it supposed to be that long?

'Kelsey!' He thunders.

Startled, I jump slightly. Leo is frowning at me.

'Are you okay?' He asks.

'Me? Yeah.' I nod. Apart from the obscene amount of saliva pooling in my mouth.

'Fine.' I add.

'Very fine.' Not this babbling again. Someone please stop me.

'Great.' I continue. Abort mission! Abort mission!

'I'm perfect.'


'I get it.' He cuts me off. Thank God.

'You're fine. You should sleep.' He says.

'Okay.' I clamp my mouth shut before I can start rambling again.

He moves to turn off the lights and danger red flashes in my mind.

I blurt out the first thing that comes to mind to buy me time.


He frowns and arches an eyebrow.

'We need to divide the bed!' I say, spouting the first idea I can think of.

I blame it on one too many romantic comedies.

'What?' Leo frowns.

'We have to share the bed. You know, demarcate it.' I say slowly, a blush stealing across my cheeks.

'Excuse me?' He looks at me like I'm loosing my mind.

I don't know, Leo. Maybe I am. I did agree to share a bed with you. That alone shows that something is very wrong with my faculties.

'We can... use the pillows.' I suggest, smiling widely to cover up how stupid I sound and feel.

He's staring at me like he's trying to decide whether or not I'm having a psychotic break.

I get to work arranging the extra pillows in a straight line effectively dividing the bed into two equal parts. I make sure to drag it out as long as I can but all I have to do is put three pillows in a straight line so it doesn't buy me as much time as I hoped for.

An amused smile slides onto his face as he looks at my handiwork.

'You okay now?' He looks like he's trying hard not to laugh.

Great, now I'm a punchline.

'Fine.' I huff but I l feel a lot safer now that the demarcation is in place.

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