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Sneak Peek:

'Leo.' I breath shakily.

'Kelsey.' His smooth timbre comes out strained and what I think is recognition lights up his friend's face as if to say; so this is Kelsey.

He's uncomfortably close and my body tingles with awareness. I barely notice the stunned silence that fills the quad or the comments being whispered into ears and the curious looks that are sent my way afterwards.

After three years of not seeing him, this is not how I pictured our meeting would be. In my imaginations, he's not half hot as he is right now. I guess I didn't do him justice.

And in my imaginations, I'm all dressed up in nice clothes with my hair all done up but reality sucks because I'm in dull gray long sleeved shirt and jeans -thank God I decided not to wear the faded jeans with a splatter of paint that refused to wash out around the ankles- with my hair a little frizzy from humidity.

Definitely not how I pictured our reunion. Reality royally sucks.

I resist the urge to comb my fingers through my hair and drink him in.

He's more handsome than ever now. He's a lot taller than I remember and his electric blue eyes -I've always loved the eyes- are even bluer. His blonde hair curls slightly, rebelling against the straight style he always tries to comb it into.

'You've grown since I last saw you.' The words are out of my mouth before I can stop myself.

Amusement twinkles in his eyes as he regards me.

'It's been three years since you last saw me, I think I'm allowed to do a little bit of growing in that time.' His voice takes on a teasing edge.

I groan mentally. Great job. Kelsey.

'Well, you're taller now. Good for you.'

Good for you? Really, Kels?

Somebody please stop me. Stop me right now before I say anything permanently mortifying.

I bend my head and pretend to be focused on my food so that he doesn't see the extent of my blush. For once, I'm grateful for the long thick curtain I call hair.

'If it makes you feel better, you've grown a lot since I last saw you.' The emotion in his voice has my head whipping up faster than the speed of light but his face doesn't give anything away. He's looking at something over my shoulder, like he can't bare to look at me.

A shudder runs down my spine.

'Thanks. I think.' I nibble on my lip.

Author's Note:
Basically, this is going to be a story about Kelsey finding her own happy ever after. There's going to be messy emotions, lots of humour and an epic love triangle. So sit back and enjoy the emotional rollercoaster.

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